Mayra Cardi revealed that he refused to work with Kardashian


In social networks, Mayra Cardi will always share different parts of your daily routine for more than four million followers.

This Friday (the 22nd), a life coach and has published a number of videos on his Instagram Stories, and it was revealed that he refused a job offer to go to Brazil with her ex-husband, Arthur Aguiar.

“It was a hard decision at the time, I had a job offer to do with Images, I think it was the most difficult I’ve done, in between the Images, and the world, you didn’t hurt it,” she said.

Mayra also said that the positive side of this decision was the birth of the Story, which is almost two years old. The small one is the product of a marriage between a life coach and an actor.

Mayra Cardi want to move on after a divorce

After the wedding, Arthur Aguiar, Mayra Cardi would like to find soon a new home to live in. A life coach uses his Instagram to say that I take a trip for the quarantine of coronaviruses to search for another home for her and Sophia, the daughter of 1 year and 7 months old.

The ex-BBB, you want to get out of the apartment where he has lived most recently with her ex-husband, in Rio de Janeiro, in a safe environment for your small one. She said that the current home is not good for the bloodline, due to the many hazards nearby.

“I have visits from many new homes. I’m going to change it. In fact, we had to move before I could separate them. I put my apartment for sale or for lease. I said that I was going to change it anyway. I have, and Arthur would go to such a place, but now I have decided to move on to another totally different one. My apartment is unsafe for the Story. This is a cover that I can’t seem telar, it’s full of glass and dangerous… The Story is starting to climb on things, and I can’t wait. It truly is very great, and began to drag things out, and it’s very dangerous for her. We were going to change at the beginning of the year, but it has happened to all of that, and we began to wait. But as I was going, all the more reason to change”, she said in the stories.

At the time, Mayra had told you that she wants to be in a house, not an apartment, and has revealed a desire for a new home.

“I want to live in the house to have a lawn, a vegetable garden… The Story is only eat things organic,” he said.

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