Sequncia of the book, ‘Bird Box’, which is inspired by the film, arrived in Brazil in July


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Na continuao do best seller ‘Box-of-pssaros”, the main character, you need to deal with new dilemmas in order to ensure the future of (photo: Intrnseca/Divulgao)

In the movie, the main character, played by Sandra Bullock, who needs to flee with your children, with your eyes blindfolded, in a ameaa and mysterious, so what if you can look at, because it would be consequncias terrveis.

Na continuao, which is set 12 years after the latter event in the first one, the character’s title needs to be confronted with a new dilemma – to remain in the dubious safety that is found in the middle of the rgidas rules, sobrevivncia, or dip it again into the darkness in search of a future.

Com traduo de Alexander Fox and it’s 288 pages, the book can be purchased for us$ 39,90 (v. japanese), and for R$ 24,90 (e-book).