Sorry! The Ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, David Cross, dies at the age of 51-year-old: “He was a devoted father”; you Know the details


David Cruz, ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, with whom she maintained a relationship for nearly a decade, passed away last Saturday (the 21st), at the age of 51. The news has been confirmed by the web site TMZ.

According to the Institute of forensic medicine in New York city, David had suffered a cardiac arrest, fatal in the Hospital at Mount Sinai, the West, and in midtown Manhattan. The service has not provided further details about the case.

Lopez, Cruz who have attended the same school in the Bronx, New York city, and met each other when the united states was just 15 years old. Both of them dated for about ten years, until they broke up in the mid to late 90’s, when the the career of J-Lo’s got on the way up.

Jennifer and David were childhood friends. (Photo: Getty Images)

David, I lived there for 18 years with the Isa, his wife. At the site, the widow, and rent of praise for the Cross: “He was kind and loving. He’s never clung to anything and he’s always been a very open one. He was a loving father, he helped to create, your stepchild, which is now part of the marine corps. He loved the New York Yankees and the new york Knicks. I loved going to the theater with me. My favorite moment was the night of the family get-togethers, because it was not only special to me, but also for the children. He always made a point of finishing things off with an ‘I love you’”.

After you broke up with David, Jennifer, lived in relationships with famous people like Puff Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. Today is the day of The “Coup” is the bride, and Alex Rodriguez.

In 2004, J-Lo said of her relationship with Cruz, in the course of a conversation with the site’s Daily Mail. “He’s a good friend and probably knows me better than anyone else. I have a lot of memories of David, because nine years is like a lifetime. We grew up together, because I was only 16 years old when I first met him. His best friend was dating my best friend. He saw me and fell in love with me right away,”in the world.

“He still lives in the borough of the Bronx, where we grew up, and my grandmother’s as well. I see it every time I go to visit her. When we see each other and keep in touch for a while through phone calls”it added to her all the time. So far, Lopez has not commented on the death of a co-worker.