Taylor Swift cancels participation in the festival is concerned with the coronavirus

Valheria Rock/BillboardTaylor Swift has had to tinker with its schedule to account for the coronavirus

Taylor Swift was present in Atlanta, georgia, on the 5th of April, as part of the festival, the NCAA March Madness, but the performance was cancelled due to the development of a new coronavirus in the United States.

The festival is going to be 3 on the 5th of April. This is a show that has been canceled as a precaution, the COVID-19. Lollapalooza in Chile and Argentina, have been postponed until Thursday, as well as the Coachella music festival and South by Southwest.

The presence of Swift, on the Other, in June, is maintained. There is, however, a concern among fans of the singer and their performances, scheduled for July in Sao Paulo. On the site, Allianz Park, the dates are shown as “to be confirmed”.