The nursing home is closed off on the north side of St. Paul’s, after the outbreak of the covid-19

A care home has been banned this week by the Health Surveillance in the neighbourhood of the Limes in the area north of St. Paul. Two residents were killed, and ten more are suspected to have been infected by the new coronavirus.

The staff there have been four confirmed cases, and five other suspects, in addition to the one death under investigation. The residents have been transferred to the health facility and in the homes of members of the family from the 18th to the 19th of may.

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The VALLEY BANNER, 1500x1250

The space, which used to be five years ago, I was in the process of banning, for “irregularities in the physical, hygiene, illiteracy, and the allegations of negligence,” according to a note from the state Department of Health. In an interview with the Globo TV network, a civil servant who declined to identify himself said that the protective gear was re-used.

The owner of the space, Regina, Anise, and said that the station, which, when the pandemic began, he asked the workers to save the materials because they were not on sale at the drug stores.

In the state of São Paulo, is already the 29th in the number of elderly people living in nursing homes have died after contracting the disease. Across the state, about 600 day-care centres, the public or others, and home to some 20 thousand of elderly people. The greater the number of deaths that happened in são paulo, where 13 elderly people died from the disease in two nursing homes.