The Rock and the cast of the Moana and reveal the stories behind the scenes in the movie


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lin-Manuel Miranda and to the other members of the team Moana – the Sea of Adventure are you using social media to share the stories and behind-the-scenes of the animation. To celebrate, the film will be shown for the ABCone of the major broadcasters to broadcast in the us, the team are reminiscing about special moments from the production. In addition to the dual-screenwriter Jared Bush also got in on the trend, and even invited Miranda to a new partnership. Check it out below:

“-I recorded this on a Monday off [do musical] Hamilton and I flew to Florida to meet with the Rock
-My brother finally got a day off because of a little show the little-known, called for HAMILTON, and flew all the way from New York to Florida to be my teacher, and tempo human being. We bet all of our chips on this. Part of the fun.”

“-Ladies and gentlemen, The Rock has come. We have spent a LOT of time in tiny apartments in Boston, Atlanta, and Miami
Unfortunately, this is true. A very long time, and I still need to be in therapy. He’ll never admit it, because it’s really good, but I give a lot of credit and respect for that human being. He wrote out the ass, two films that have become iconic: Zootopia and Moana”

“There’s never been a song that’s easier to write than “You’re Welcome” (De nada, in the brazilian version). Assist in the compilations of The Rock and singing for his time in WWE, to get a sense of your vocal range. He is the only person who could sing THIS chorus and it will still make you love it”

“I didn’t want to be caught filming it, but I was so excited to pretend to be checking my e-mail address.

“Hey, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and I have no idea what it is. Or you have the hands of the Hulk. But we need to get together… And work on a new adventure on the Disney fantasy

“Okay, so… to Musicalize this climax was my idea. I broke my head, because I was late for a song at this stage of the film. Then I remembered that The ‘testing of the water. When the Moana’s baby meets the water!’. Then, it has become an echo of the song deOpetaia for that stream, with a counter-melody on ‘I’ve come across the horizon to find him, I know his name”.

The story of the Moana – the Sea of Adventure it is set in an ancient world, in the South Pacific. In their quest for a legendary island, a teenage girl Moana (Auli’i Cravalhounites the forces of the hero, the demigod Maui (Johnson). Along the way, they encounter sea creatures in action underwater, and an ancient culture.

The animation is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker (double The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Princess and the Frogand it came to the cinemas, the national in January of 2017.