The signs that will be affected by the entry of the Sun into Gemini


At the entrance of the Sun into Gemini, a sign of the socially active, curious, and eager to connect with other people, it just happens, and it will last until the 20th of June. While some signs will be more motivated and willing to live new emotions, in others it will be the most affected by this development.

To find out what they are:


In love, things can get a little confusing, and you need to be honest about your feelings and to start a dialogue; you need to take it slow, but don’t close it, and put all the cards on the table.

In any case, the career and the work are brought into focus so that others realize its full potential, and watch them carefully. The doors can be opened, and you need to protect yourself from the envious. Take care of your own energy to give up, and you do not feel overwhelmed; this is the ideal time to initiate projects, and to show that it is a good thing.


The personal relationships and care for their lives, marking a time in which the most intricate patterns of behavior that can come into play. Remember, if you want to reflect on what needs to be changed and open up about their fears so that a loved one is not to be confused as well. Many of the relationships that can be evaporated by this stage, if you use it in your favor.

In the work and career of the initiative and whether it will be necessary, and as much as you to accomplish tasks as a team, you should keep in mind-if you know how to do it themselves. Partnerships are very important, but they also have limitations.

The fish

Rethink your home life, and relationships, it is not always easy. To get to the root of the problem may be a path that is weary and introspective, but you have to pair that with the evolution of both the individual and the social. It should be open for the start of these reflections in the sun.

This is the time to carry out the work and tasks without a due regard to the need to relax and do something enjoyable. Keep the spaces around them are comfortable, and the separate moments in which to relax, all of which will help to hold the head in place, and to think of the best. The conversations with the persons of interest can be very beneficial.