This list is proof that Logan Lerman is going well beyond his character in ‘Percy Jackson’


One of the actors of the better ones of the decade in 2010 Logan Lermanbrought to life Percy Jackson, the main character of the series, the book of Rick Riordan that is taking the world by storm. The actor, who was born in 1992 and she was 18 years old when it exploded into theaters, and I had a career for a decade at that time. Since then, he has been showing the way to the eclectic live series.

He hasn’t stopped working on it, but it focused on smaller projects, or to minor parts in major productions. In 2012, he has been in his last battle in the novel The perks of Being Invisible but this year, he’s back, and in a series that promises to bring to the attention of the public. In support of this, we have separated our jobs, favorite actor, so you maratonar, and if you fall in love with, once again, by Logan Lerman.

Love Heidelbaum – Series

Also available it debuted at the beginning of the year is on the book’s Amazon Prime. The story takes place in the 70’s and tells the story of a Love (Logan Lerman), who, after seeing his grandmother being murdered, I went out in search of revenge and ends up joining a group of hunters from the nazis to prevent a fourth reich from happening.

In this work, we were able to see a different point of view on the work of the actor, and he was able to deliver on the angst, and the desire for revenge that his character feels. The critics praised it, and a lot of that work for Him and showed that he is capable of doing more serious roles flawlessly.

Charlie – The perks of Being Invisible

The perks of Being Invisible this is a movie of the drama of the u.s. in 2012, written and directed by Stephen Chbosky based on the novel of the same name in 1999 by Chbosky. Logan Lerman stars as a teenager named Charlie, who writes to a friend, without a name, and these letters tell of his trials, tribulations, and triumphs as he goes through the first year of high school.

The film depicts her depression and anxiety, as it travels along its path at the high school, making new friends. The cast of the film also features Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Nina Dobrev.

The loss of Sidney Hall

For the past 12 years, and have three stages of his life, Sidney Hall, he falls in love with, as he writes in the book of the generation, and then disappears without a trace. The detective, the enigmatic embark on a journey to uncover the mystery. The film also features the acting is impeccable, Ellen Fanning in the lead role.

During the production of the feature, Logan Lerman talked about the environment and the changing you in the movie theatre are getting in the theaters, and how happy he was to be in the movie. In addition, he said that it was a real challenge to try to make this film in only a limited way because of the on time and on budget.

Norman – Fury

In the 2nd World War, a garrison of the combat car in the north american conducts operations in nazi Germany. Even when you are in a much lower, and almost without arms, they are led by enraged Wardaddy (Brad Pitt), a sergeant who has no intention of taking them out of the reach of the win, as he teaches the Norman (Logan Lerman), a newcomer to the fight.

The film has achieved a budget is relatively low, and it was a hit at the box office, collecting up to three times what has been invested in – even though it leaked when Sony was hacked at the end of 2014.

D’artagnan – The Three Musketeers

The The Three Musketeers it’s an adventure movie based on the novel of the same name written by Alexandre Dumas and it was released on the 14th of October, 2011. The film stars Matthew Macfadyen, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, and Luke Evans. Although it received negative criticism because of the adaptation of the original plot, the movie has earned on box office success and became one of the favorites for fans of the actor. On the journey, To live in the D’artagnan.

Marcus Messner – The Outrage

The actor was once again praised for her performance as the protagonist, Marcus Messner, a student, a jew in a school of religion in the very heart of the United States of america. Suffering from prejudice, and dealing with the paranoia of parents, and it involved a problem that a colleague, living with Sarah Gadon (Alias Grace). Prior to coming to the movie theaters, the film has been shown at some of the biggest festivals in the film world, such as the Berlin film Festival and Sundance.

Lou – Stuck In Love

A successful writer, Bill Borgens, is unable to forget the past, and spies on his ex-wife Erica, who left her husband for another man. The Bill, if it becomes so obsessed with his ex-wife, which ended up creating problems with her new family.

In the novel, To make romantic pair with the actress Lily Collins, and has received a great distinction to live to a romantic character who will do anything to win the woman he loves. The film also showed how love can be confusing, and it has been proved that if you machucaria from time to time, but that’s okay.

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