‘Thor: Ragnarok’: concept Art compared to the height of the top gladiators in the movie

In his profile of Instagram, the incident Andy Park released some of the art conceiutuais by comparing the height of the top gladiators ‘“Thor: Ragnarok‘.

In the caption, he wrote the following:

Definitely one of the most fun moments of my career was when I worked on the visuals for ‘Me: Ragnarok’. My team and I were challenged to design several of the gladiators, alien to the calls for action of the Grand Master. These were some of the design choices that are adopted by the director of Taika Waititi. I had a team of amazing, and the artists made me very proud.”

Check it out:

Take the time to watch it:

Remembering that ‘I Love and Thunder it has estreoia provided for in the On February 11, 2022 (opening the weekend of Valentine’s Day in north america.

During the live show with your host, Jimmy Kimmel, Chris Hemsworth it revealed that it has already read the script for the new film, and the audience will love the story.

“I read the script, and I can tell you that it is one of the best I’ve read in the course of my career. I can’t reveal anything, so how can I set up? It is[[Taika] Waititi at the end, and he is doing his best for this film. If that’s the version I’ve read is issued, the public is going to freak out so much by surprise.”

Prior to that, Waititi he did a live on your Instagram and commented on the development of the highly anticipated sequel, saying that the story is much more daring than the one before it.

“[O roteiro] it’s a super over-exaggerated in the best possible way. Does that ‘Ragnarok’ it looks like a film in a “comfort zone” … This film gives you a sense of wonder for children at the age of ten that she wanted to a movie, and then you said ‘yes’ to everything.”