a documentary on Taylor Swift, it’s a good lesson in re-branding


“Miss Americana” shows in the top back to the artist after it has been “cancelled” in the social networks and in the media, the celebrities, the american

“The artists of the women I’ve known have had to be reinvented 20 times over that of the artists were men. They will need to do this or you will lose your job.” At one point during the documentary Miss Americanthat is displayed by the Netflixthe singer Taylor Swift send the sentence to the cameras, and desabafando about the pressures that you experienced in your career over the past three years, first and foremost. You may not be a fan of the artist in the united states. I, for one, I listen to very few of his songs. But one can’t help but listen to what he says, one of the most important names in the showbizz world, whose first hit came at the age of 16. Ever since Taylor released it on the album, there were more than 670 referrals to win prizes. And, she took her to a house of more than 320 of them, including 9 Grammys. That is, if Taylor Swift can not be considered successful, no one else can.

From the statement above, made by the artist in the documentary, you find the models for concrete, in fact: Her, Lady Gaga or Madonna they are there to prove it, and prove it. But, Taylor, you can deal with the issue. Her self-marketing has had to change completely at least three times since the beginning of his career. No longer was the singer of the country music coming in from Tennessee, the state of california, to become a star in the pop music world, is able to provide the market with songs that are relevant are comprised of it – and they got it right on the full of your audience of fans.


You may be asking, then, is why Taylor Swift is on the agenda at this point of the season. Again, I am of the opinion that even those that are incapable of singing any of the hits by the artist, keep an eye on their re-branding, in its current round on top of it. The doc Miss American it shows a little bit of the cancellation of the mass, which she had suffered for about two years, when he was come into direct conflict with him Kanye West. He used the name of the singer in a very male-dominated, and going for a song. She brushed off. There was already a history of conflict between the two of them, the one that deepened the matter. At the time, there was a movement on the social networks, asking for their cost and the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty” was one of the most talked about. A lot of people believed that the singer was “easy”, “ambitious”, “utility” with your friends and love ones. A reputation was created, and nothing she did seemed to change that.

It created a public opinion so unfavorable to her, which Taylor Swift out of the scene for about a year now. Anything on Instagram, an interview. The figure fell, and now, by the year 2020, she will return with a new album (Lover), a series of love songs, and apparently, a person to be strong in the face of criticism. Her new position brings, the insights from the brand building that will serve not only for content creators and people in the public, but also for the brands.

Here are three of the lessons in re-branding, what can be learned from one of the artists most successful in the world.:

You already have a time in which all of the reports of the tendency to emphasize this, however, there are many brands that still don’t understand the importance of having a qualified opinion on the issues that affect the world today. Politics, the environment, rights of women, diet, consumer awareness, fight against racism… The models are there on any given day. In Miss AmericanTaylor do you want your audience to know that she has a voice of its own. And, to express this on stage and on social media. The impact of the grip is spot on for an account from the Instagram of 127 million viewers. You have a cause that is also part of the maturation of the individual (or brand) in the world.

Celebrity culture is for the people to have much more grip you get inspired by people who seem to be affordable, you have a number of similarities with the followers, a fan club and audience. This is the truth. But the main interest is in front of you, or your brand, it may not be something to their friends. In the film, Taylor-Swift-talks about how they missed it when you expose your online relationships. Suddenly, it’s all about your status in a relationship (single, married, wedding, dating…) has become more important than the work he was doing. There is a weariness in the massive new audiences around the over the personal exposure. If it is still working now, very soon it will not scroll any more.

Entrepreneurs understand very well what it is like to be depressed all the time (by yourself, by the by, of members). When the performance of something that is entirely up to you – or in the case of Taylor’s songs, which he was able to compose, of a video clip of amazing what you should do, as the heart each and every time, the most amazing… Well, when you are your own boss, you run the risk of being your own executioner as well. “I was feeling lonely and bitter,” says the singer, who was already at the peak of its success. “I was so obsessed with me not to get into trouble that you don’t want to do anything that people can comment. The mental stress of competition and constant self-improvement, contribute to the feeling of not being good enough. Get out of the way and start again with a calm, may be a great outlet.

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