A profile of Instagram makes the ‘before and after’ of Hailey, Bieber’s response arretada and refuse the plastic, “I don’t look like that picture!’


Hailey Bieber is out of patience and laughing and the rumors that run on the internet about it. This Thursday (the 21st), the model has left a comment, well, enthusiastic about her appearance, refusing to have any kind of plastic surgery on her face, as was alleged in a publication on Instagram.

The assembly, now deleted, was comparing two pictures of Hailey: One for thirteen-year-old and the other is now, at the age of twenty-three. “What a change”read the caption, followed by an emoji in a failure. Nothing to be pleased with what she saw, She decided to take a stand and to clarify the situation.

“To stop the use of the photos, which are published by the artists! This is the photo on the right is how I look like… I’ve never moved on my face. So, if you are going to make me compare it to the 13 and the 23-year-old, at least use a picture of the natural, which was not a highly-edited”, it has taken off. Check out the pictures below.

– (Photo: Playback/Instagram)
– (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Yet he seemed to be angry when you give the answer, and Hailey, there was a calm in the Stories, just a few minutes later, relaxing with her husband, and one of the dogs in the family. Both of you are going through a period of quarantine in Canada, the country in which the musician was born.

Weekly, Justin and Hailey have been posting the videos in the series, “The Biebers on-Watch”, on this page of the Facebook of the lead singer. On Wednesday (the 20th), was an episode in which the fans are going to be fishing in a lake within the grounds of the young pigeons. “Justin come in here every morning.”he told the woman, who had registered the story of the husband at the camera. Even with all this effort, they were unable to catch any fish. It gives you only a glimpse:

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