Big hair, J. Lo by: Rodrigo Cintra, points out the tricks of the girl to change all the wires 18/02/2020


At the age of 50, Jennifer Lopez is synonymous with beauty, youth and sensuality. It always tops the list when it comes up with a new cut, colour or hair-do. And it seems that the singer and actress, she was born in Puerto Rico, since it was one of the strands blonde to dark, short to long. It goes well with everything, and continues to inspire women around the world.

At the beginning of his career, and the hair is brown, curly, and the more armed it was their main feature. For the women who love them, their strands of curly, the fitagem the procedure to let the clusters are uniform, that is amazing, And it’s very easy to do this with the following tip: “scrunch the hair toward the root, and apply a CC Cream to fix it.

Jennifer Lopez is on the January, 1999 - AP

Jennifer Lopez in 1999

Picture: AP

In the course of the year, J. Lo has also invested in a more visually smooth, sometimes with slight curls, movement and volume. Those who have straight hair, and thin, but he wants to play in the volumão you must blow-dry your hair lifting up at the root, and to invest in the babyliss grosso for the win, the waves at the ends.

In addition to this, in 2014 -the fifa World Cup in Brazil, when I was on the theme ” We Are One, with Claudia Leite e Pitbull-its coloration is resulted and it became a trend amongst the female audience, such as the lighting of the yarns in shades of caramel and gold. The technique, known as the burnt from the sun, provides the most natural way, you want today for women, in a tone less monochromatic and lighter in weight.

Jennifer Lopez at the fifa World Cup in Brazil in 2014 - AFP

Jennifer Lopez at the fifa World Cup in Brazil in 2014

Image by: AFP

The secret is in the balance, and the lightness of the hair, J-Lo, in the middle of 2015, which has been cut into layers and a long fringe. And, to radicalize and become even more beautiful, he kept the length and did not dare at the discoloration on the uniform with a lighter shade and the other darker. More woman, more sexy and more of a reference than ever before.

It was at the end of 2015, that Jennifer Lopez has revolutionized the hair, and cut her big hair. You chose to be a little bit more brown, using the technique to lighting for the Root Beer, the mix of tones, the warm – up with the length of wire over his shoulder. Hair peaked from the 2016 olympics has brought a more sober and youthful.

J. Lo, with her coke-in the event of the year 2018 - Getty Images

J. Lo, with her coke-in the event of the year 2018

Picture: Getty Images

Speaking of modern, you know that the coke in the mega stripped it all the influencers using? So, it is not J It is in reference to the hairstyle superdescontraído, and with a lot of personality. Simply attach the wires to the top and leave a few strands loose at the sides.

Between the constant moving, Jennifer Lopez is currently in a long bob, loiríssimo, with the ends of the front section a bit longer, which ultimately ends up stretching out and letting his face than ever before. In the meantime, between the comings and goings, the apply has continued to be the companion of the singer, including, at the end of the Super Bowl.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl In 2020 and Reproduction

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl in 2020

Image: Reproduction