Braided messy for Millie Bobby Brown has been the inspiration for that perfect hairstyle


Hairstylist of the actress recalled the look indeed a mess, and left us dying to test out the look

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Who else is loving you to test different hairstyles with cable? It can add more inspiration beautiful – and-easy-to-make – the-list-of-ideas-this version of the messy that is used for the Millie Bobby Brown.

The hairstylist Linda Bergerworking with the actress, he shared on his Instagram with the hairstyle, very trendy.

In the picture, you can see that the braid starts right at the top of the headgiving you a more booty when you look. In addition to this, the wires have been twisted together only three times, and then the multiple locks on the front part of the hair is left loose, thereby contributing to the visual bagunçadinho.

In addition to the easy-to-put-into-practice, and the look can be the perfect choice for those days that you don’t roll a lot of time to get ready.

He liked the idea.