Brazil is the country with the largest number of new cases of the coronavirus on Friday

The Brazilian led for this Friday, the 22nd, the most important of the cases covid-19 side in the world. According to the Ministry of Health, and 20.803 contamination has been confirmed in the last 24 hours, and most of the United States of america (20.522), and in addition to the doubling of the Russian federation (8.894). By the numbers, Brazil has become the second-in-infections-covid-19 side in the world, a position that was occupied by the Russian federation.

In total, there are now 330.890 contamination by the new coronavirus in Brazil, or in Russia, it is 326.448, according to the Russian government. The United States has continued to lead the list, with the 1.571.617 cases, the covid-19, according to the centers for Disease Control (CDC, its acronym in English).

This is the third day following, in which Brazil leads the world ranking of countries with new cases of the covid-19 per million of the population. It is the platform of Our World in Data, linked with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

In terms of the number of people killed, the united states, it is today the second country with the largest number of victims killed by the covid-19 as identified in the last 24 hours. They were the most 1.001 a new work-related fatalities. The most confirmed deaths from the disease during the period he was back in the United States, with a 1.089 deaths, according to the CDC.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, Brazil continues to be the sixth country with the most deaths per covid-19, with a 21.048 deaths in total.

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