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This year, the One Direction would have been 10 years ago if you were still on active duty. Even though the band members have been separated and pursued a solo career, there was a lot of speculation about a possible return, only show up a live to commemorate the date, but it looks like it’s not going to happen.

In an interview to the radio “Smallzy”s Surgery”, the Australian, on Friday (22/5), Niall Horan he told them that there are no plans for a meeting “Ill talk about it. Of course, the group came together in July, I think it was in 2010. It’s the 10 year anniversary that is coming up, and we were talking, ‘there is something we can cast?’ Some of the content, or something like that?. And we came to the conclusion that there is no”.

This may be a disappointment, and the fans, who swore that he was going to roll something for this year. Even Liam Payne ever had to having a knee-jerk to talk about a possible meeting earlier.

In a live DJ generator sets runningLiam came to say: “In fact, Louis told me that I should give it a rest, revealing a little bit about our plans for another day.” Then, it is not held on the tongue, and also confirmed that the group is planning to a video call, to set up a few more details of the project.