Critical | But it Goes To the West, is A slap in the culture of a pseudo-celebrity in the digital age


The smiles of the perfectly lined up in the incredible scenery. Everything is very well-located: a review appropriate; poses manjadas; catch phrases with little or no originality. The synonym for happiness in the digital age, if you made the photographs beautiful, they exhibit standards of beauty, well, stigmatized, and facial expressions were manipulated and a false humility that oozes out through the pores. In between the cynicism and the search for the tanned, reviews, and sponsorships from brands, they are the persons who sell the life style to which they are unable to support themselves. And in an era where social networks have become a bridge for contact and self-promotion in world’s society, it has become more and more a matter of opinion…and of course, the angle of the camera? But it Goes To the West escrutina this new way of exposing the cracks in the panache collective is born in a time of pseudo-celebrities, influencers and personalities that only want to promote themselves at the expense of the lives – a lot of times, fingidas.

The success in the The Sundance film Festival in 2017the cult starring the princess of independent film Aubrey Plazthe gained access to have to the only now. After a day shy on the net Movies, But it Goes To the West you can finally find the wider audience that he is worthy of, when you get to the grid, for example Netflix. Directed by Matt Spicerwho co-wrote the screenplay with David Branson Smiththe comedy-drama the acid is a portrait of the false idea of perfection is born in the social networks, created on the basis of a contemporary advertising strategy, where the lust for the things of others is what fuels the success of many people. In a world that breathes with the urge to prefer a level of popularity just as cynical and insincere, which comes to the same “purchaseable” with an automated system that will inflate the numbers of his followers, and entered the long, it’s an inconvenient truth, which attempts to pierce the self-esteem, bloated, web celebs bringing out that which is hidden-behind-the-scenes, and you don’t want that to be known.

In no uncertain terms on non-smooth part of his narrative Returning to the and Smith to create a dramedy need to you go straight to the point, and it brings Aubrey Plaza here, as an ordinary girl who, following the painful loss of her mother, she tries to find the impetus for living zapeando among the publications of the influencers, which is provided in the Instagram. Comparing his humble life with the supposed perfection of those that follow, it is the fruit of their own, redefining their identity, in the style of a blogger to build the CaElizabeth Olsenin order – perhaps – to fill the void that had been left by the death of a person who is more loved because of it. No sooner had she knew that in order to become members of the resistance, she would know that there is photo of a well published from the Instagram-able to maintain a life, plastic surgery does not exist.

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As a test of the culture-jacked the social media, they ended up generating, But it Goes To the West handle-heavy (and rightly so), with both sides of the issue, being accurate to the exhibit that is shaped like a stalker, it handles all of the circumstances, but it is not saving also to the large share of the responsibility for that needs to be given to popular figures who dominate Instagram, and so on. By showing the artificiality of such life-styles that exude perfection and bliss, a comedy drama that is also exposed to about anything that’s shown on the internet should be viewed with great reservations, and more than a few eyebrows. Taking us behind-the-scenes of this beautiful, huge pictures full of editing, we are confronted with on such a false e maquiada the idea of a successful, sustained, and propagated by art is often born from a lie, which we are designed to feed your self-righteousness, pride, and ostentation – all at the expense of the very users who follow them.

Many times it’s uncomfortable and fast-paced from the beginning to the end of the production esbraveja all of the things that many of us have dreamed of expressing on on the the falsity of the digital-born in this age. In a quasi-friendly and engaging, the comedy-drama is perfect in every way, builds up the characters empty, so deep, substantial, and realistic, and knows how exactly to measure the whole of the narrative is on the most beautiful performances of the Here, The Plaza, O’shea Jackson, Jr. Wyatt Russell, and Billy Magnussen – taking over the plot from the beginning to the end, making the experience even more voracious and exciting. A slap in the face of today’s society, the film is almost documentary in its reports, it provokes the audience to confront on their own attitudes to online, and leave all to the drift, in the middle of the most a number of conclusions that we reach about ourselves. A well-directed and with an excellent sound track suited the indie that embeds itself in the long But it Goes To the West we are amazed each and every one of their acts, and of the end of a glorious, ironic, and cynical, is the quintessence of that which is in the land of the virtues of the white lies, the one who speaks the truth, you can also become a queen.

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