Emilia Clarke replaces Amber Heard in the Tempest’s 2-see photo


Fans of the DC are still on the campaign trail that She Heard to be fired from Aquaman 2. In the franchise’s heroes, the actress is living a Mere.

What happens is that on a personal level, She Heard it passes by a controversy that seems never-ending. From 2016, the character of Aquaman is in a public feud against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

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First, Amber Heard, accused the actor of the Pirates of the Caribbean, bully, and an abusive marriage. However, the audio is shown, that in the day of Tempest beat his Wife.

With a turbulent history, and the fans made petitions for that which She Heard was given to leave the DC not to take away from the focus of the Tempest 2. The film is yet to be confirmed, and in development.

At the same time, and in the ” suggest photos that you might take on the role of a Mere. One of them is Emilia Clarke, best known for Game of Thrones.

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A picture published on the page of DC, Marvel has shown how to ” Emilia Clarke may be a perfect fit to replace a Mere. The similarity of the two photos with the model just is truly amazing.

In addition to this, there is another factor that makes the fans cheer for this idea.

Emilia Clarke is a great friend of mine, Jason Momoa, is the interpreter of the Tempest. The two had worked together on Game of Thrones, and have built up a nice relationship.

Check out the picture, it is in no way official, Emilia Clarke as Mera Aquaman.

For now, the DC does not take a position on the matter. By the looks of it, Amber Heard is still in print.

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Tempest 2 is the direction and the script by James Wan. In the film, you should still take a long time to come.

Tempest 2 is scheduled to premiere in December of 2022.