For the live of birthday, the More you receive videos from the Selena Gomez and the Nervous feeling, “and ” she” viewers who have been zoados on the “Bom dia & Cia”; watch it!


Cake, cola, guarana, lots of candy, and a PLAYSTATION GAME! D This Friday (the 22nd), the author Maisa Silva under 18 years old, and has arranged for a live-in super special stage, with the aim to raise funds for AACD, and other institutions. The transmission is also produced iconic moments, such as a ‘re-encounter’ with the two viewers in a special “have a Good Day & Co.,” and a ‘happy birthday’, coming directly from Selena Gomez!

A fan stated to the american singer, More he was met with a recorded message for the star. “It’s so nice to see that you are using in your program and on your birthday to raise money in this difficult time. I think it is awesome what you are doing. I hope you have the best birthday! I hope you have a wonderful time and be safesaid to Selena in a video sent out to mark the occasion.

As a good fan, that is, the author was unable to contain his excitement. “I’m not talking about it! Just to live, then quit live! I’m going to pass out, I’m not believing it! She asked for my name, you know who I am! Should be okay, it’s ugly to watch, but I’m very happy and excited. I will never forget that day,”said.

The other great idol of the Happen, with the singer trying to ask this girl made it a point to send in a video of a friend singing a song she loves most from her repertoire, “Waiting for You”. “In the midst of the many tributes to the beautiful you ‘ re getting on with your day, after all, it’s not every day that you go to the 18 years old, isn’t he?! I couldn’t help but to sing this song that is very special to you, it’s very special to me and to so many people”, she said.

In the on-line transmission, More recalled the many iconic moments of his career, especially when he was a commander of the program, “Bom dia & Cia”, and protagonizava the best shot in the rebellion. One of them was John, who was zoado to choose the pink color in a row on the morning of the SHOW. And it’s not that the production met the guy, and he made a call with it to live?!

“You can, John! The pink is just a color, it doesn’t matter”, he talked More, before you will be surprised by the phone call. “The one with the balloon-pink-and yielded a lot of play, wasn’t it?! But it’s all good! I was a little kid, that was 7 years ago, I didn’t know that it was a piece of crap, no, you are worse”, teased the young man.

He also gave it to the guys in the live it was William who had witnessed a moment of the self-esteem of the mini More, saying that it was “cantooooura, ‘perfection’, and the host of the first-class.” Today, at age 19, he revealed that he lived in anonymity in the meme-because no one would believe it was him. “I was dying of shame”he said. Speaking of the career of the ‘cantoooura’, More gave in to the requests of the audience, and sang his song, “NhenheNhem”.

As a birthday, can not forget the cake, the presenter blew on the candles, and made a note of the special in the first slice. “This is the first piece that goes out to everyone who is watching this live, and then went on to lose loved ones because of the Covid for this year. The meaning for me of everything that is going on, the families of both of you. I hope that your hearts can be healed and that you will go through this in a way that is good and positive. It goes with all of my love, in my prayers, because I know the people who you have lost was special, and deserving of respect, love, and remembrance. They’re not going to be forgottenended.

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