Geisy Arruda poses at the open air in the afternoon sun, and shows the beauty of nature: “The sun calms me down”


Muse has released a video reiterating his tan

By: Isabella Ellin | 20 may, 11:22 am

Geisy Arruda did the followers to be simply mesmerized with its natural beauty by posting a video on his Instagram on Tuesday night (the 19th).

The she shared with the fans and just having a relaxing time that you took advantage of yesterday afternoon, posing in the open air in a natural way, and delighting your followers with your hair in the wind, and sporting a lovely bikini with a print of the brand name Louis Vuitton. A real in the future!

In the video, it was a big hit in the social network, and generated more than 80 thousand views in just a few hours in the morning.

Recently, Geisy Arruda, let your followers delighted in the afternoon of this Tuesday (the 19th). The celebrity posted a picture showing off her new bikini and making it clear that it is a lot of nostalgia to the beach. Read more


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