Hair-Kylie Jenner: Kylie Jenner finally revealed her real hair and it is beautiful


Without the wigs and extensions, the manager has revealed to the world on the wire “true” to it.

No need to try to guess what is in the hair “of the” truth ” of the Kylie Jenner. Well-known to always be with the hair wigs and extensions, and the empowering to finally have shared it with her fans, the natural fibers of it.

In a blog post that ~stopped~ on the Instagram (and maybe quite literally, as a platform for experienced moments of instability!), the manager showed us in a video recorded after the shower, as her hair naturalzão.

With a one-length shoulder-length, and he also seems to be free from any chemical, because all the wires are in brown:

My hair was so long, so since I was 15 years old,” said Kylie in the caption of the video.

Normally, she wears hair extensions and wigs are of a length greater than that of the it.

It is always innovating, colors and types, such as corrugated or smooth.

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