Halsey is on her own during the quarantine


Halsey was interviewed this week on Radio Disney and talked about has been quarantined due to the coronavirus. The singer said that with the pandemic of the covid-19 and it has been a ‘hurricane’, because all of a sudden, after I had been with tens of thousands of people from around the world, the travel show, she found herself on her own.

The singer of 25 years has returned from his tour in Europe on the same day that the United States has made the order to stay in the house to try to contain the virus, and she told me that in the beginning, it was hard not to come out.

“Back in the day that I got back from Europe and it was the day that I started to get into the house. It was kind of hard at first, because I will be traveling and living in a different country each day in a new city, living alone in the house,” he said.

“I’ve been to thousands and thousands of people every night, and, all of a sudden, I was alone at home with all of the chaos, and loud noise. Most of the time I’m with my dog, and I’m doing the cooking,” he said.

The comment of the singer has increased speculation that she broke up with Evan Peters, as he admitted to be in quarantine alone.

Halsey and Evan began dating in September of last year, but according to US Weekly, they were on the march, when the singer is on the deleted from her Instagram.

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The couple is also the following on the social networking site, but one of the posts, significant Halsey, blacked out, was the birthday of Evan, on jan.

She wrote at the time: “Happy birthday to you, dear one. I can’t imagine life without you.”