‘I’m going to kill you’: the shocking story in which Salma Hayek is accused Harvey Weinstein of the harassment, and the threat of


Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek starred in the film ‘Frida’, which is produced by Harvey Weinstein

“My monster.” It’s just that the actress is Salma Hayek is referring to the producer of the american cinema’s Harvey Weinstein.

A mexican woman, 51-year-old, it’s more of a famous actress who goes public to accuse the mogul of the entertainment industry and sexual harassment.

“The tactics of persuasion it went on to talk sweet things to make a promise, even once, in a fit of anger, he said, the words more frightening: ‘I’m going to kill you, don’t you think that I can’t’,” says Hayek in an article published Wednesday in the american journal of The New York Times best seller list.

In the text, the artist describes in detail the events of the bullying and coercion they have experienced at work, with a Career both before and during the filming of the The (2002), which earned her a nomination for the academy award for Best Actress.

The first charge against mr. Weinstein, 65 years of age, began to appear in October of this year. Actress, model, and part-time employees who have passed by its producers Miramax and The Weinstein Company have been denouncing cases of sexual assault, including rape, attributed to the entrepreneur. There have been reports of actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rose McGowan.

Weinstein, who moved away from their production after the outbreak of the scandal, has denied all the allegations in the show.

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Harvey Weinstein has denied the allegations in the show

Hayek also admits that it took a lot for sharing your story, and saying that he didn’t want to give details to his family what had happened. She says that she has changed her mind, “when so many women have taken the initiative to describe what Harvey did,”she says.

“I had to face my fear, and humbly accept that it is my story, albeit an important one, for me, it’s just a drop in an ocean of confusion and pain,” he said.

Frida, a dream come true

The former star of the soap operas from mexico, says that, at the beginning of the year 2000, it was not a “nobody” in the world of film and trying to venture out into the world.

And if you reached out to Weinstein and his “empire” cinema, to realise a dream; to bring to the big screen in a production about the mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

“The only thing I knew about the Harvey’s at the time was that he was very intelligent, a loyal friend, and a man of family,” says Hayek.

She says he was very surprised when he agreed to join the film, which was to be called the Thethe production , which has expanded the career of an actress in Hollywood.

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‘Frida’, a high point in the career of Salma Hayek, earned the actress in the mexican Oscar nomination

“In my naivety, I thought that my dream had been realized,” he says.

But as soon as I started working on pre-production of the film, she started hanging out with what he called “the wrath machiavellian the Means”.

The stuff of nightmares for The

In the various sections of the report, Hayek describes the testing that has gone on in the day-to-day Career, and the many “don’ts” that you had to give up in the face of the harassment is constant.

The negatives, which include refusing to open the door to a room at the hotel in the evening to do massage and go for a swim with them, as well as in more serious situations: “do Not let him to perform oral sex on me.”

According to the actress, the sequence of “no’s” aroused “anger, machiavellian,” of Career, which culminated in death threats.

The pre-production of the The if you have, then, is a living nightmare, ” he says.

“So, I was not an artist, nor a person. It was one thing: no one, just a body,” says the actress in the text.

‘Destroyed my soul’

After a number of clashes, which have put the project at risk, Hayek finally got to shooting the film.

It is in this moment “sexual harassment is over, but anger has risen”.

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Salma Hayek says that when sexual harassment has ended, the anger of the Career has increased by

She said that mr. Weinstein went on to abuse her verbally. He told us that “sexuality” was the only value, and, in the Thecould not use this attribute, since then, the famous mexican artist which has a story told in the film.

“It destroyed my soul, because I have to tell you that, at the time, which is dominated by a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, I wanted to see myself as an artist: not only an actress, but someone who can identify with a story that is worth telling and you can’t tell it in an original way,” says Hayek.

An erotic scene of Thebetween Hayek and the other woman, he would have been one of the conditions laid down by mr. Weinstein to produce the film.

“In my mind, I understood that I had to do it, but my body was still crying and having a seizure. At the time, I started to throw up, and I’m waiting on a set to record it,” he said.

Hayek points out that the colleagues were surprised with their reaction.

“It wasn’t because I was going to get naked with another woman. It was because I was going to get naked with another woman, is because of Harvey Weinstein. But I just couldn’t say it to them,” he said.

After the so-called threat of the producer, the The it finally debuted in 2002, with a success at the box office and six academy award nominations – winning in the categories of make-up and music.

‘A breeding ground for predators’

“I have to admit that at times he was kind, funny, and witty, and that’s part of the problem is you never know which Of you face,” he said.

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The charges against Weinstein and other celebrities has led to increasing numbers of women to protest against sexual harassment

The actress is in mexico, the experience with the Career it has helped you to understand how some men will use a position of power to harass women.

“Men harass others sexually, because they can. And they are talking about, because in this new era, we can finally do this,” he said.

According to her, as long as only men have the power in the film industry, and there will still be a breeding ground for predators.

In response to Weinstein

The team at Harvey Weinstein has responded to the article by Hayek is denying all of the allegations in a statement to the press:

“Mr. Weinstein thinks Salma Hayek is an american actress and hired her for several of his films. He was very proud of his nomination for the academy award for Best Actress for her role in the The and to continue to support our work,” he says, words on the note.

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The team of Harvey Weinstein released a note denying the charges of Salma Hayek

Jennifer Lopez was also interested in the role of The at the time, he was a star of the most popular. Weinstein went over to a third party in order to support Salma, as in the past, there’s still the text that gives the details of the investments of Miramax, a company of it at the time, on both the production and the promotion of the film.

The statement admits that there have been problems, but denied that a Career you have to put some erotic scene.

“As most of the work on the sets, there were occasions on creative Thebut they served to bring the project to perfection. The film was premiered in cinemas and was backed by a huge advertising campaign and a huge budget for promotion of the same.”

“The allegations in sex, Salma you don’t need, and other people who witnessed the events, they have a different version of what happened,” he says.