In Bahia, Social and Vip (The best of Bahia in the spotlight “Would All of you With the Pizza” is a choice read on the pandemic


Travel, time, aliens, other planets, and bizarre characters (not monsters), an organization that plans to foray into the space-time, a lot of slices of pizza and a machine of the type which opens portals to… to Give, to expect anything from the book, “Spend it All With the Pizza, by the writer from bahia, Pedro Duarte, and by the seal of the Original Popcorn & Ink, which is currently on sale at Amazon.

Tired of your monotonous routine on the Bob, which is called Certainly, but it is well-known as Bob — might as well just quit my job and to, hopefully, make plans for a long road trip, which included an island-hopper’s paradise. Give up on your social networks, e-mails, appointments, and forget it until it’s watches out there. But he preferred to get their hands dirty and build a device that generates portals that allow you to travel through time and space.

Hidden under the casing of an innocent in a machine of the type baby-blue, this is rubbish nonsense that he has created, and is trying to make it work for the past eight years, it is your passport to joy, a way to get rid of a life which is repetitive, rather uninspired, and without purpose. In fact, the only thing is that he probably would miss, is a large slice of the pie, if it’s possible to of tuna fish, especially in the Restaurant and Waldir. However, the Universe is not going to assist with the plans for the Bob, without intervention, will your destiny change completely and hopelessly…

The book has a format of 14 x 21 cm inside pages in the paper, pollen, soft and hard cover in detail in the varnish luminous. The design of the publication is the work of the artist Giovanni Cianelli, you had the visual references such as the work of Terry Gilliam in Monty Python and the montage of Jack Kirby.

Photo By: Manuela Dug Up