‘It is our future, it’s a game to them,” says Greta about Salles – the age-Business


In this instance, But Thunberg at the World Economic Forum (Photo: Reuters)

In this instance, But Thunberg at the World Economic Forum (Photo: Reuters)

In this instance, the Swedish Greta Thunberg has criticized the minister of the Environment of Brazil, Ricardo Salles, and he has to defend the government’s take, which is the focus of attention is on the multi-Covid-19 in order to loosen regulations.

“Just think of the things that have been said away from the camera,” Our common future-it’s just a game to them,” he wrote Thunberg on Twitter, citing a statement from the prime minister and the hashtag #SalvemAAmazônia.

At the meeting in which the video was circulated on Friday (22) by the then minister Celso de Mello of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), can be found at Salles has been argued that the attention paid by the media to the multi-coronavirus opens up an “opportunity” to deregulate environmental standards, and in other areas as well.

“You need to have an effort on our here as long as we are in this moment of calm in the aspect of the press coverage, because it is all about the Covid, and pass a herd of cattle, and moving the entire rule, and simplifying the rules. The Iphan [Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional]of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, ministry of it, ministry of it. Now is the time to join our efforts to make the heaping of simplification,” he said.

After the release of the video, the prime minister expressed himself on Twitter and stated that it has always defended the reduction of red tape and the simplification of the rules, “common sense and the best on the market”.

“The tangled web of rules, misplaced hinder investment, job creation, and, therefore, on sustainable development in Brazil,” he said.

Thunberg, 17 years old, he had already condemned the murder of the native peoples of Brazil in 2019 and has been called “the pirralha” by the president of Jair, jair bolsonaro. Swedish is leading the global movement of students and promotes a strike once a week on Fridays for a charge for taking action against climate change.

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