Jennifer Aniston if it even closer to the father, John Aniston, for a pandemic of a new coronavirus


Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Many, many years of therapy and a world-wide pandemic brought Jennifer Aniston to get closer to his father, the actor John Aniston, after which he abandoned her when the actress was only a child of ten-years-old, claims the Daily Mail. According to a source, the components, and the relationship between the two of you have always had ups and downs, but right now She seems to be even closer to the father:

– She has not spoken to him for a very long time. But, since the crisis of the coronavirus began, she calls almost every day. And not only are the conversations brief. It is as if he had realized that life was too short and wanted to make her relationship with John to be the best they can be. He is excited that they will soon reconcile.

The situation between She and her father had already been dealt with by an actress in a number of interviews. She said that in the year of 1979, and his mother said to him, ” your father would not show up in the house for quite some time, and it reminds us of his response:

She didn’t say that it had gone on forever. I don’t know if you’ve blocked it, but I just remember sitting there, crying, unable to understand what it was. I don’t know what they’ve done later that night or the next day. I don’t remember anything other than being weird all of a sudden, my dad wasn’t there. And he didn’t show up for a while, for about a year now.

Afterwards, John performed in order to resume contact with his daughter:

He called one day and said: “We’re going to see The Fantasticks. Then we had dinner and watched the play. After that, I started to see it towards the end of the week, and this is a new way of life took place.

It is important to note that the rapprochement between the actress and her father, it’s been a while. In December of 2019 at the latest, She surprised her fans by posting on Instagram an old photo in which it appears in the arms of John, with the caption:

This holiday season with one of our designers. And now #TBT. I love you dad.

Even though you don’t want your daughter to follow a career as an actress, ” John said in an interview in 1990, she was surprised to see Jen’s work in one of the parts of the school. They were publicly together on a number of occasions, including when the performer has earned her a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame in 2012. Really, it’s a relationship of ups and downs, isn’t it?

She has also had a troubled relationship with her mother, Nancy Dow, falling nearly 15 years of not speaking to her after the publication of a book in which some of the conditions of the childhood of the actress have been exposed to it without their consent. The Daily Mail recalls that Aniston even invited her mom to her wedding to Brad Pitt.

She was a model, and it was all about the presentation, such as it was, and how I was. I don’t have a child model, she was waiting for. This little girl just wanted to be loved by a mother who was too busy with the things that you don’t care too much. She was very critical of me.