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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon in New York city during the filming of The Morning Show (Picture: Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon in New York city during the filming of The Morning Show (Picture: Getty Images)

At the end of the week, I did a marathon of “The Morning Show”, so I was curious, and afraid of being abducted by the series. My curiosity has been 100% positively matched. My fear as well. The number is hit, the original Apple TV. With 10 episodes was also nominated in various categories at the Golden globes with a statue for the SAG Awards, in the category of Best Actress in a Drama Series, Jennifer Anniston (remember that the hope of the return of in between Jen and Brad Pitt, one of those looks? It happened on the same night) as well as the trophy for the Critics Choice Awards, Billy Crudup, such as Best Actor in a Supporting role.

In a way summed up: “it’s about sexual harassment and sexual competition for women behind the scenes of a TV show, a drama inspired by the novel “Top Of The Morning: Inside Cutthoard World Of Morning TV by Brian Stelter, with Aniston in the lead role, as the director, Alex Levy. But it’s not just about that. Below, I list the top 3 reasons for the extra’s that make the series so special. If you don’t want to “iê iê iê” at the carnival, you know, “The Morning Show”!

1. Jennifer Aniston is not Rachel

“The Morning Show” has Jennifer Aniston’s almost like when we first met and fell in love with it. Let me explain: in the 90’s, the actress is on has won like Him, from the series “Friends”. At the time, was the one day of the 30-years old, playing the role of a loving wife of 30 years, Rachel. This time around, the 51-year-old, recently completed, is an actress in the 50+, playing the role of a strong woman, active in the fifties with Alex. On the way, “the good daughter, the house is made”, or “silver house,” Aniston shines in a place that rose to fame in the world of the series. At the same time, to say good-bye to Him. It’s about time…

If it is, return it? In the tv series, yes. After you have “Friends”, which lasted over a decade (1994 to 2004), Aniston took part in a few successful movies, “I Want to Kill My Boss”, “the Wife of make-believe” (one of my favorites), “Marley & Me”, and many, many others , but, in my opinion, a little on the line to Him. Already, in the movies, “For a Meaning in Life,” “Friends With Money” and “Cake” was already in the process of saying farewell to the “molecona”… however, it’s still something to Rachel. For this reason, “The Morning Show” is a new stage, re-invention and success. Details: the series of the current Reese Witherspoon plays a newspaper reporter who has a curious relationship, sibling rivalry, and close to the character of Aniston’s… curiously enough, Witherspoon has had guest appearances on the series “Friends”, playing the sister of Rachel (Aniston).

2 . Crowns, such as crowns, yeah!

The TV series has become a space for artistic and valuable for the actors to mature and to truly mature as well. Aniston is awesome in the role of Alex Levy, who is described by her as “the archetype from the likes of Diane Sawyer,” presenter, which is a type of the channel to ABC. As I have already said, the 51-year-old recently completed, Aniston lived in a series of a mature woman and a success story, such as it is in life as it is. I love tv shows and movies, I am very happy with the representation of women of a certain age in the series as of today. And it’s not just the role of a mother, a grandmother, but as a whip, crown, active, fulfilling, full of force and lust, not only for the living.

Shows such as “Grace & Frankie” (Jane Fonda and Lili Tomlin), “The Crown” (Olivia Colman) , “Fleabag” (Olivia Colman, also), “Homecoming” (Julia Roberts), “Big Little Lies” (Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern) , “Downton Abbey” (Maggie Smith) are all good examples of this thriving movement. “Sex Education” deserves an honorable mention for Gillian Anderson, who plays the mother, but also to the older woman and pre-menopausal.

3 . Topics of current interest

In addition to the representation of the older woman as it is, the series deals with the sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace. The matters are so serious and urgent, in the real world. Another issue that is not on the agenda, but it is there, it is a complete dedication to your work! the storyline is almost nothing like it shows in the personal lives of the characters.

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