JoJo Siwa you did a crazy ‘during’ Dance Moms’, and we don’t know whether to laugh, or we’re worried about


If you are a person that has earned the public’s children and young people in the last few years, it was the JoJo Siwa. A 16 year old girl that is extremely talented: dancing, singing, and acting. Is there anything better?

The star of the Apart he was known to take part in the reality tv show “Dance Moms” and recently, she revealed that she has done a folly, while recording the program you are cracking. In an interview with the US Weeklyshe said that it was for a week without taking a bath even if he had to dance, and compete all the time.

“Coming back to ‘Dance Moms’, we were too tired to put it away. Thinking back on those days, I was in for a week for a swim. It’s true, what I did was hold my hair up in a pony tail. I sleep with my hair up. I woke up, and I would have it.”

My God, just imagine this, you have to dance the entire time, sweating and then not be able to take a bath because of the fatigue. That’s what they were! We laughed from the crazy but we all know how much of it was something more serious.