Justin Bieber shows off photo of wife in the bath: ‘I love You’ – 02/04/2020


Justin Bieber is currently in seclusion with the wife, Hailey, Bieber shared with his fans and with a click, the well depths of the model. In the picture, it appears to be in the bath tub, looking at her husband over her shoulder.

“I love you, baby!!! Photo taken by me,” he legendou in the world”. Justin and Hailey were married at the end of the year 2018.

While the insulation is recommended, as precuação against the pandemic, the coronavirus, the singer entertained fans with lives on Instagram in the most recent one, he even got the actress Drew Barrymore for a special appearance.

The hiv pandemic has also forced Justin to hold off on the tour, which was due to start on may 14 in support of the album “Changes”. There are still no new dates.

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