Kaley Cuoco protagonizará comedy with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson – 29/04/2020


Los Angeles (united states), 29 apr (EFE).- Actress Kaley Cuoco, known world-wide for their work on the show “The Big Bang Theory”, at the close of last year, it will be her first major role in cinema as the protagonist in “the Man From Toronto”, the comedy that contracenará with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

The information was released today by the trade magazine “Variety”. According to the publication, one of the partners of Kaley in the production, it would be Jason Statham, for sequences such as “Fast and Furious” and “The Expendables”, which was later replaced by Harrelson, “The People against Larry Flint,” “The Messenger,” and “Three More For A Crime.”

“Man From Toronto”, the release date is in September 2021, which is based on the unexpected meeting between a murderer and a blood-thirsty, and a man, an ordinary man in an apartment with Airbnb, which will take you to go through a lot of damage.

Patrick Hughes, who directed the Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson is in another comedy drama titled, “a Double Boom” (2017), you will be responsible for the project. There was a forecast for the launch of the “Double Blast” and 2 ” this year, but the work, as well as many others in Hollywood, has been facing problems due to the suspension of activities during the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Kaley has become a global star thanks to “The Big Bang Theory”, a series that ends in 2019 at the latest, after 12 years of great success all over the world, including in Brazil.

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In addition to project on the big screen, the actress will be starring also in “The Flight Attendant”), a series of the platform, serves a daily continental breakfast Max is about a flight attendant who wakes up one day after a party with no memory of what had happened.