Kendall Jenner makes a deal to compensate the victims of the Fyre Festival


Kendall Jenner you will have to open the wallet and shell out the US$ 90 billion (approximately R$ 509 million) to pay for a group of victims of the Fyre Festival, in the fall of 2017. The event, which never came to fruition, the fact that it was promoted as a “Woodstock plush”, but it was a disaster.

The involvement of Kendall, in the confusion of it has to do with the promo that he did on his Instagram a week before the festival.

Without informing his followers of what the post was about a partnership that is paid to the he has promised them that they would find it “models of the famous” over there, and they also have “food experiences, first-class.” Jenner received a aproximadamenteUS$ 275 thousand (R$ 1.56 million) for marketing purposes.

The Fyre Festival is set to happen between the end of April and beginning of may in the year 2017 on the Great Exuma island in the Bahamas. When the crowd arrived at the scene, and work on clutter and false promises. The case even made a documentary film, Fyre: it’s The Biggest Party That Never Came to pass, which is available on Netflix.

When the Gods, a lawyer and representative of some of the people who paid for the party, he decided a few months ago to sign up with a class action lawsuit against the star of the walkways on the grounds that he or she may have encouraged his clients to be victimized.

The case was just filed recently, and as soon as the legal representative of the Effects studied, with the possibility of a financial settlement out of court, and this has been achieved. On the other hand, Billy McFarland, one of the directors of the Fyre Festival, and was sentenced to six years in jail in the year 2018 due to fraud.

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