Kylie Jenner has been helping her brother, Rob Kardashian, to pay the bills


Rb O it is one of the members of the clan O/Effectsit , however, does not give much in the sights. In fact, ever since it broke away from the Black Chynathe mother of your child, you Rob, you have been away from the spotlight.

Now, according to the international press, the your financial life is not going swimmingly.

The website Radar Online, Kylie has been helping her brother pay for their own expenses.

“It took a lot of the mom (Kris Effectsand the Khloé over the years, it has been agreed that it is time for Kylie to help, Rob,” said a source.

The same tipster also says that the family is united in such a way that Rob could manage to get custody of the daughter, a Dream, a three-year-old.

The choice of Case was the logical next step, since it is the one that is making more money.

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