Luxury on the feet, christian Dior and Nike, to create a new model of running shoes in a partnership | News from the Field is Huge, and MS

Inspired by one of the most famous models of Nike, the shoes brings out the colours and details that catch the eye

The disclosure


The meeting between the brands and the brands accessible to the general public, it always generates the feedback high and the buzz created on the internet. The event is a partnership between the most iconic Cut-and-popular-Nike, reimagining of the classic model in the line, the Air Jordan, which gains new colors and many interesting details.

Called the Air Jordan 1 High OG Cut, then the model is inspired by the famous Air Jordan shoes first released by Nike in 1985, and taking into account the characteristics of our favourite basketball player, Michael Jordan, being intended for all practitioners of the sport. The partnership between Dior and the line of the Jordan brought them to a template with a retro touch, inspired by the style of the 1990’s, reference to which has already appeared as one of the leading trends for this season.

Highlighting the off-white and grey, with touches of black, it is packed with details, such as the main Oblique to the Cut, filling in the whole with the symbol of Nike on the lateral side of the shoe. The outsole is also worked out, leading to the name “christian Dior” on one of the pair, and in the name of “Air Cut” etched in the manner as drawn in the other. The model maintains the high tops, classic Air Jordan 1’s, thus ensuring the maximum of comfort and mobility to walk or play sports. According to the announcement, will also be available in a release version of the shoe on the pipe to the bottom.

The model has been presented for the first time in Miami for Art Basel during the show a collection of autumn 2020 on the Cut. All of the pairs of this exclusive model will be produced in Italy, with details painted on by hand. We don’t know the future of this partnership, but it is likely that more of the products in the collection will be released in the future.

With the start of sales of the shoes was planned for the month of April, but due to the crisis of the new coronavirus, the release has been delayed and is still not expected to happen. The Nike brand has been well known for models of famous shoes with low price, such as the model Air Max 90but what a lot of people don’t know is that the brand is present in luxury goods, and is responsible for the marketing of some of the most expensive shoes in the world.

This is not the first time the sportswear brand is partnering with some of the expensive brands. In 2016, Nike worked together with the famous Louis Vuitton to create a collection of shoes, footwear and casual clothing inspired by the world of female athletes.