More you receive a message Selena Gomez: to live, to celebrate the 18-year – 22/05/2020


More is celebrating its 18th birthday today with a live special. It reminded us of the very beginning of his career as a tv presenter and has received numerous messages from celebrities, among them singer, Selena Gomez.

In a recorded video, the international star said: “Happy birthday to you, Happen. It’s nice to see that you are using in your program, and your time to asking for donations in these hard times. It’s incredible to me. I hope you have the best birthday and that you stay safe,” said the singer”.

Still not impressed with the message and the presenter of the SHOW said, “I swear by my life, it’s one of the things I asked for was to get to know Better. She has inspired me since I was a kid. It’s one of my divas of the season and the series. I am not able to speak”.

In addition, other famed as the Mauricio de Sousa, Luan, Santana, Eliana, Thiago Abravanel, Ivete Sangalo, Giovanna Ewbank and Linda Thomas also gave a good for More.

The beginning of his career

The video showed some of the most important moments of his childhood, which ended up turning into memes, at the command of the “have a Good Day & Co.,” of the CHARACTER. She also took the time to apologize for some of the games.

Some of the victims, to have equity holdings to the living, as in the case of John, who is now 19 years old. At the age of 7 years old, he took part in the program by phone, and it has also been the target of jokes from the host only by choosing the balloon rose for a picture of the stage.

“That’s garnered a lot of banter for a long time. I was a little kid, I didn’t know about it and you will too. Apology accepted. You have made it a part of my childhood, and they were incredible years,” said John.