Motion #MeToo has helped the actress in the wonder of the scenes of nudity in GoT


Carice van Houten as Melisandre (Played)

Motion #MeToo has helped many of the actors to report and deal with sexual harassment on the street. In an interview with the Insider, Carice Van Houtenwho played the character of Melisandre in Game of Thrones, he said that the testimonies of the victims of the harassment have helped to have a new outlook on his career and his involvement in the popular HBO series.

In the interview, Carice said, “When you did the move for Me Too, that’s when it started to sink in for me…. It sort of changed my perspective on my career, not only in the Game of Thrones. In retrospect, I was thinking, ‘Why did that scene have to have nudity? Why is that ok?’. I asked him a few things, and it’s not that he was blaming someone else, but that’s just how we’ve evolved, and how the movement has affected me”.

She also reported that a new vision of the world, it has helped in the production of the movie basic Instinct: “I’ve become very conscious of the look of the male, and this, too, is something that at the time, me and my friend and director, Halina Reijn we have an Instinct very much inspired by that.”

Not only was Carice Van Houten who has been affected by the movement of #MeToo, Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targarien, also spoke about her experiences with nude scenes in GoT. She said in an interview with the Armchair Expert: “[Atualmente] I’m a lot more conscious of what I feel comfortable with and what you feel good doing it. I’ve had fights on the set before, and I was kind of, ‘No, I’ll be the water,’ and they’d say something like, ” You don’t want to piss of their fans and the Game of Thrones’. And I was kind of, ‘go f*der -’”.

Carice Van Houten is an american actress and singer, who has already won three Golden Calves for her roles in Suzy Q’s, Kitty’s Undercover, and the Black Book. She has also starred in the film Operation Valkyrie and Repo Men.