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A long time coming, but the weekend is here! Even in social isolation, because of the pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19), the public’s need to find entertainment without ever leaving your home. That is just to have fun with the programming of the films in the world, this Saturday (23rd) and Sunday (24th)? The selection is diverse and brings a long for the sake of pleasing all the tastes of the audience.

The event begins with Cinderella (2015) on the Saturday, which is displayed at 13h56. One of the first classics of the wave of live-action (with actors made of flesh and blood) from the walt Disney movie, brings us the story of a peasant girl, Ella (Lily James). After the tragic and unexpected death of his father, the young man is at the mercy of the awful step-mother, Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett) and her daughters are equally as evil.

She is forced to work as a maid in the house, but don’t lose optimism in their life. In the forest, and her love for a complete stranger, with no fear that he is a prince. With the help of the fairy godmother (Helena Bonham Carter), a young girl to face them and fight to find their soul mate, and to change his fate. Check out the trailer for the film:

At the start of the night, the 0h42), School for Spies (2015) has the Supercine. In the plot, the special agent Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld), a 16-year, it is now a young woman, an assassin trained with the best of them. However, tired of the life she lives, she pretends to be his own death.

With a secret identity, she decides to leave and start life anew as a student in a small school. But the former chief of the insider, the Victoria Knox (Jessica Alba), is suspicious of the strike, and begins to investigate the case. They are also in the cast, Dove Cameron, Rachael Harris, Samuel L. Jackson and Sophie Turner. Watch the trailer for the film:

Then, in the 2h10, the Owl display and the Resident Evil 5: Retribution (2012). The result of one of the experiments of the Umbrella Corp., Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up in a mysterious way, in reality as well. The after-effects of the virus, the T just come in the form of a zombie, and, as it turned out, that it is part of a new experiment.

The warrior learns that an old foe may be behind a plan to save not only her, but also his former team-mates. Now, together, they will fight side-by-side in the bloody battle, which will eventually lead you to a major, and an unbelievable revelation. Here’s the trailer for the film:

The drama is A New Chance To Love you (2014) is on the schedule from out of 3h46. In the story, Nikki (Annette bening’s hairstyles) is devastated after her husband drown on a beach in mexico. Five years after the tragedy, she still feels the absence of his colleague. One day, the old lady is in the event that a man is a lot like his great love with Tom (Ed Harris).

Very impressed with the likeness, She finds out that he is a teacher of the Arts, and the contracts that would give private lessons in a painting, so that it is always close at hand. It doesn’t take long for them to engatem a full-length novel, so that the image of the future is always carved on the face of the Note. Check out the trailer:

The range of the Owl ending, the 5h09, with discussion in: Snow White (2009). In an adaptation of the classic Snow White is a teenager who’d rather have fun with friends than help peasants. The life of a girl changes completely when her father is enchanted by the Lady’s Window, an evil witch.

In the form you want to rule the kingdom, and because of this, White makes a threat. The witch tricks the princess, and kicked out of the castle. The teenager needs the help of the seven dwarfs to reclaim her kingdom and to keep this witch to be married to her father. Watch the trailer for the animation:

Films on Sunday at the Globe

Touted by fans as a “fake” on the six million dollar man-The Spectacular Spider-Man (2012) is it’s Maximum operating Temperature, which is displayed at 13h43. The game always comes up in the social network when a film franchise goes on the TV. The public thinks Tobey Maguire in the Peter Parker, the original. The actor has been the face of the character between 2002 and 2007, starring in three films in the Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield took on the task of interpreting the six million dollar man-2012-2014. In the story, he is a young, shy, and a student who was raised by aunt and uncle. During a visit to the laboratory of Oscorp, he is bitten by a genetically altered spider and gets super powers. The protagonist goes to use his new status to deal with the villain, the Lizard, the alter-ego of Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). Here’s the trailer:

Starting with the band the night of the movie, the domingo maior (best Sunday shows, Mission Impossible, the Nation Secret service (2015), at 22h27. In the sequel starring Tom Cruise, the actor as Ethan Hunt, discovers that he is the famous characters in real. In addition to this, the organization is trying to destroy the IMF.

However, Ethan is faced with a dilemma: How to fight for a nation’s secrets, just as equipped and trained as they are the same? The special agent for the account with all of the help that is available, including for people not to be very reliable, in order to resolve this issue. Check out the trailer for the film:

Then, 0h35, Fury On Wheels (2011) is the star of the Cinemaço. In the long, Milton (Nicolas Cage) has become involved with the wrong people in the past and ended up with a daughter who was murdered. Now, her granddaughter is in the hands of the leader of a cult, satanic. The protagonist needs to overcome the grief and to try to save the little girl.

In his quest to discover the whereabouts of the child, and he meets Piper (Amber Heard), a waitress at the good fight, and in search of adventure. It was what he needed to do to defeat your enemies and also dealing with The Accountant (William Fichtner), a loyal subject of the devil, willing to take you to the prince of darkness. Watch the trailer for the film:

The best movie of the end of the week, it ends up with Stolen money (2014) on the Owl. The who’s Tommy (Michael Pitt) and Rosie (Nina Arianda), are a married couple in love, but they are arrested when they are caught robbing a florist on Valentine’s Day. After the flick, they try to earn an honest living.

Rosie gets a job at a collections agency and persuades Tommy to go to work with her. But it is seen to be involved with something, the more you steal from the Italian mafia based in New York city. Here’s the trailer: