pajamas for a fashion becomes a trend among the famous in quarantine.

At the time of the quarantine, it’s time for the sleepover to become the darling of the closets of the famous. Although initially referring to the time of sleep, and the celebrities are giving a new meaning to the status of the part. When you mix up the look ‘comfy’ with the models and prints that are stylish, the artists show that the bed can be used at different times of the day. The following is a five-star hotel, that does not give up the elegance, even when you have opted to look more comfortable:


The singer Anitta released its program for the post-mortem takes place, ‘Anitta inside of the house, with a pair of pajamas anything but basic. Part of the Louis Vuitton handbag, which in fact pretends to be a sleepover, it costs about R$ 15 to r$, and it is made out of twill silk.

Ivete Sangalo

Already, the singer / actress Ivete Sangalo, debuted at the world of lives, and a sleepover is super fun. To integrate the project Into the House of the world, ‘rt’ has chosen a model of long trousers and a shirt, in pink with white polka dots. Don’t even have to say it was a success, right? The collection, which was sold for$ 400 dollars in a web store, sold out in just a few days.


Outside of Brazil, and the other famous also have joined in the ‘mood, slumber,’ from the country. This is the case of the Colombian singer, who has been captured by the young son, wearing one-piece blue long-sleeved shirt, and warm, and fun.

Fernanda Paes Leme

Actress Fernanda Paes Leme, who used their social networks to raise awareness about the importance of social isolation and the recovery of the Covid-19, has already appeared with many men since the beginning of the quarantine. The models that are used by the actress from the casual to the more sophisticated, and Nina reached down to play with the in Look of the day’, and to adapt to the current situation.

“If only we could get out of it, today I was going to take a drink or chic with this pair of pajamas. #PijamaDoDia,” he wrote in a post.

Preta Gil

The singer Preta Gil, who has also recovered from an Covid-19, took to the social network to show that it really is the look of the pajamas are here to stay. Between the bathrobe and pajamas, the Black is very representative of the style, comfy to work from home more pleasant. But that doesn’t stop grace, you know? The singer tends to use models as well sophisticated, that is no longer up to the income of the lingerie of the show.

Manu Gavassi

Already, the singer Manu Gavassi, who was just coming out of the confinement, a volunteer ‘Big Brother, Brazil, 20’ directly to the isolation of a compulsory, he chose a piece of very thin to get through the day. The ex-sister has released a one click in the social networks, with a t-shirt of the pajamas of silk, with a pattern of hearts in red and black details. “The styling is okay, the nightgown becomes the outfit,” she wrote.