Rolling Stone magazine · the Actor blames Robert Downey Jr. by the early exit from the Marvel comics


Terrence Howard and lived in by James Rhodes, the Fighting Machine, the first film to land in the “Iron Man”

Despite having secured a contract to act in three films in the Marvel Studios, Terrence Howard account, who had lived James Rhodesthe Fighting machinejust in the opening solo of the The man in the Iron in the theaters, and, according to him, the fault was of their own Robert Downey Jr.that would have been a part of the money.

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In a recent interview (via Cheat Sheet), Howard he commented that the staff of the Marvel comics it was up to him during the build-up to the straight of the The man in the Iron and he said, “We will pay you one-eighth the size of what we agree to in the contract, because the[[Iron man 2]it will be a success – with or without you.”

After that, he said he had been looking for Downey, Jr. for that, it will help you to solve the problem at hand. However, the star of the USING he ignored all calls from him for a period of three months. Also, he stated that he is the interpreter of the Tony Stark he took out a good portion of the money that should have been his, and that if it wasn’t for him Downey, Jr. I would not have the success that we had after the movie.

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At the time, Marvel was already in contact with the Don Cheadle for him to play in the sequence, such as James Rhodestherefore, in accordance with the Legion of Heroes, Terrence Howard it is not a very easy place to get to the side of it. Their behavior, including accelerating the procurement of the Cheadlelived Rhodes in six of the movies from 2010 to 2019.