Rumor has it that it may take a while to produce something new, but the star is never quenched


That is nearly five years old with no current job, Rumor has it that following causing their fervor to the moment in which he saw the agenda for the news. The latest album from the british on the 25th, to be released in 2015 and it included a tour of the world. In fact, the arrival of an artist in Brazil, and for the first time, it was expected during that time period, but negotiations are not finished, and it was to the islands of the pacific.

In the mean time, Rumor has it that he began to devote himself more to himself, to the son, and he was seen in a bar enjoying a lot, by the side of his friends (including Jennifer Lawrence), and if he got divorced, he went to a concert of the Spice Girls was her best friend, Laura Lee Dockrill, has changed the look and most important: it turns out to be more happy and self-confident.

But, as it was able to consolidate itself to the point of letting the folks clamoring for his compositions, every year.

The thing is, Rumor has it that he built a proven success, and that into a career of Amy Winehouse, only in a positive way, without any points of abuse and offending, which unfortunately ended the life of a star of modern jazz.

Her in the most genuine meaning, it does not reach the hurdle without the background of the play. The girl is withdrawn from the Tottenham began their work on the old Myspace, it was discovered by XL Records in 2007, it came in softly with Hometown Glory on the disk 19 (2008). Another good point! The composition is not necessarily a conflict to leave the house of their fathers, but it is a nostalgia, in a letter to the city. Anyone who has had to change it for some reason, and went on to build a life for himself, only the will to understand each and every nook of the song.

Sometimes, an artist is characterized by the presence of the stage, the writing, the insight into the production… Rumor has it that, in its turn, it manages to sum up everything that is in his own image, so he always gives the importance to what is of the very essence of his talent. It doesn’t have the image in addition to a video clip. It’s meant to be heard, and felt, if nothing else. It is no wonder that his voice conveys so much emotion, bringing fans of all ages, even if they don’t identify themselves 100% with the story, there to be exposed.

The honesty, in addition to a blend of the rhythms of the original, balancing between pop, R&B, nothing in general, has resulted in a formula that’s timeless.

A personality is more down-to-earth it is hard to believe that the Commissioner is acting outside of the standards that are placed for a bit of a celebrity. It is no less of a “freak out” because she is a fan of (hello, Beyoncé and the Spice Girls, and embraced it as an influence from Etta James to pop farofa (manioc flour). In spite of a furtuna in your bank account but in the spirit of a person is anonymous, such as any of the other approaches, yet most of the public, and to consolidate more and more.

At this energy, it is worth noting that the update for it actually happening, for the most part, by the speculations of the fan clubs, as well as possible local sources, and the clicks of the paparazzi. In the absence of a showing off, saying, well, it only adds to the empathy felt by those who are in charge, not to mention that it sharpens one pulguinha behind-the-ear, to look at where she’s been. Not always a performer who has some interest in finding out more about it, but Rumor has it that it is a fact that is out of the question.

Maybe, by doing it indirectly in the footsteps of Beyoncé, the goal is to use his gift to pursue a profession in the arts has been the decision on the right inside of a world in which every factor is controversial, it becomes a game-changer, able to join in again.

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