Selena Gomez: the purchase was luxurious, with secret rooms for US$ 4.9 milhes


Selena Gomez, 27, has bought a kind of luxury, in the district of Encino, in Los Angeles, california, for US$ 4.9 milhes (approximately$ 24.8 per milhes). The house, dating back to 1989, and was originally built for the rock ‘ n ‘ roll Tom Petty and his wife at the time, to Jane Benyo, according to Variety magazine, but he ended up giving up on it in 1996, when he got divorced and he moved to Malibu.



The house has been extended at a later date by others, the owners who have lived in it, and today it has more than a thousand square meters. In addition to this, the house can be seen from the street or by the neighbors, among them is the actor Vin Diesel, and the youtuber Him on his own.

The imvel account with the passages, the hidden rooms, panic, secret, and a byzantine architecture. In your room you have to p double-duty, and has a stone fireplace that comes at at at at at at the the balcony of the second floor. A iluminao natural-to be facilitated, especially through the skylights.

H, as well as two kitchens, a room for yoga, a massage room, a fitness room, a swimming pool and double suites with a private balcony and a view of the garden from the house.

Same as buying a new house, and Better still how to proprietria of a residence in the style of bangal valued at US$ 2.2 milhes (R$ 11.1 milhes), which is also located in the Los Angeles area, bought from h to three years.


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