“Starting from scratch” – Chris Pratt, wiped out a 51-thousand e-mail addresses by mistake – show business


Chris Pratt seems to have so much talent in the technology as well as their role in the series “Parks and Recreation” scored a clean up of the radical, but even without wanting it, in the e-mail.

The stories of Instagram, the star of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” said the seven-year-old was playing with his cell phone and was “shocked” when you see a notification that it had been more than 35 billion e-mail messages for you to read.

Saying that, most of the messages were junk, because the “subscribe to all”, and then does not go out, he apologized to anyone who may have sent something important has been lost in the midst of the confusion, and he promised that he was going to try to resolve the situation: “I’m going to be working on it at this very moment.”

By taking advantage of the free time and the lock down forced, because of the COVID-19, has set a goal to handle thousands of emails to read per day during the June to be able to “reduce to zero”… that was just to get you in a lot less time.

A second video shows the reaction of panic, when you see the countdown for the removal of the 51 billion e-mail messages from the mailbox on the way to Thanos, the villain from the last issue of “the Avengers”.

“This is a nightmare, really,” he comments at one point, but in the end, as the disaster’s “start from scratch”.