Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to help the fans who have lost their jobs

Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift they are helping some of the fans who are facing financial difficulties due to the effects of the multi-covid-19. According to the website TMZ, the Aryan, is to send amounts between 500 and 1,500 dollars, between 450 and 1.360 euros). Already, Taylor has been offered 3 billion dollars, or about 2,700 euros).

The artists didn’t talk about it, but your followers are sharing their stories on social media. The majority of the weekend, the unemployment due to the economic crisis.

One of the honored by the Taylor Holly Turnershowed a proof of donation that is received by the company, the Taylor Nation, LLC. He also received a text message from the singer herself. “Holly has always been there for me…. I want to support you at this time. I hope that this will help. With love, Taylor.