Taylor Swift helps you to save, store, disc, and give a number of fronts


At the beginning of march Taylor Swift he donated$ 1 million to the Middle Tennessee’s Emergency Response Fund to help the victims of the tornado in the Los angeles. Unfortunately, the disaster seems small in the face of a pandemic, the coronavirus that afflicted the world in the same month. The singer has continued to make donations, many of them directly to fans in need, and even a local record store.

If the market did not went in favour of brick and mortar record stores in the past few years, with the hiv pandemic, and the resulting social isolation, and they had to shut it down or change its operations. In the past couple of weeks Grimey”s New & Preloved Musicin the american war, he commanded the officers to the house.

Taylor Swift is making a number of donations to help out the fans, and for small businesses. Photo: Getty Images
Taylor Swift is making a number of donations to help out the fans, and for small businesses. Photo: Getty Images

This week, however, there has been a light and strong at the tunnel: the tunnel singer Taylor Swift has donated money to assist in the payment of your employees and to cover the three months of medical treatment. “We were very surprised Taylor Swift came to us through your adviser, to offer some relief during a pandemic. I don’t think that we should be on the radar for her,” she says in the new Rolling Stone Doyle Davis, a member of the lodge.

The owner of the account, which, with the help of it you can rest assured that the to apply for loans to pay for rent, supplies and other expenses. “It’s incredibly encouraging, and it can be impossible that Taylor Swift has been offered to help us in a way that is so meaningful. With so much uncertainty about what’s ahead of us, we are very grateful to you for being able to continue sharing the music and connecting with the community at large,” added the official Will Orman. Currently, the online store is offering the album for sale on-line, in addition to t-shirts, and gift cards. The Grimey’, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, was listed as one of the 10 best record stores in the americas in the year 2018.

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The singer has already made a donation to the Feeding America and The World Health organization and, more recently, their generosity has reached her fans directly. Twenty of them have reported that Taylor has donated$ 3 mil to each of them. According to the “RESPONSE to”, the photographer Holly Turner he asked for help on Tumblr, asking for help, and she said: “Holly, you have always supported me, and now it’s my turn to support him”. The singer has sent out a message to fans to follow all the guidelines for social distancing. On the 16th of march, he posted on instagram a picture of his cat inside of a house, saying, “it Is She, self-quarantining is a way of life. Be like Meredith.” (To Meredith, quarantine, self-imposed, it’s a way of life. It is equal to the fifth year).