Taylor Swift turns into a clip of ‘the Man’ and have also assisted at the Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta


Pop star Taylor Swift has been transformed into a guy with a beard and everything, and coming up unrecognizable in her new video for “The Man”. In the video, it brings indirect, Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta in addition to being a slap in the face of the music industry, is still full of sexism. The production also features a cameo from Dwayne Johnson (the Rock).

“The Man has come up with in order for it to be an anthem of women’s. Taylor turns to a man in the dark, have a beard, and whose bad behavior is being exposed in the video – to urinate in public on the harmful use of alcohol, going for the one off on the subway with their legs wide open and placed in the “private parts”.

The clip is directed by the Taylor Swift.

At the end of the video there is the participation of Dwayne Johnson, the Rock. It is the voice of the male version of Taylor’s character in her chair. “I will, just to check it out. This is the last take was the one you had in mind?”, he says the character is dressed as a tennis player.

“Very, very good. You couldn’t be more sexy, perhaps even more enjoyable this time around?”, respond to Swift, in the chair of director. The end of the video, it also shows how it was done, the transformation, step-by-step, with the widespread use of implants in the face.

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The clip is chock full of easter eggs with messages, hidden and indirect issues. The one that caught our attention was the Scooter Braun, the owner of the former record label of Taylor. The character played by her, while the video has an accident in a public place. There is a sign in the forbidden scooter – but scooter is “scooter”, the name of the foe. There is also a mention of the album “Lover” and ” a petition “If it finds it, return it “- Taylor Swift”

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Scott Borchetta, is also the former owner of the record label, with whom she clashed, it was referred to in the poster seen in the subway. “Chief Of The Scotch. Capitalize on the feeling, ‘ she says.

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In the paper that the character is read, there is criticism of the media. A call that says, “men with a thirst for real”. Someone brings up the written, “it is men against boys, with no women around.” The scene on the yacht with the “guy” surrounded by women, and the other of which we read in the cup of a woman in a meeting full of executives, to the men, “I would be the guy,” are the other points that are against sexism.

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