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Ah, the unconditional love…

The relationship is complicated and scary and the next day, Rose Blanchard, with his mother, Dee Dee was the inspiration for the creation of The Act, and it is still the subject of much discussion. But there are many relationships between parent and child in fiction, you are quite impressive as well!

Check out the selection we have made with films, thrillers, and horror characters are so gruesome that it ends up directly impacting the lives of their children….

The Act

The well-known true story of an american mother who created a daughter for years, in the case of the sick it is so scary that it seems like a lie. The second johnny Blanchard, his daughter, next day I had leukemia, asthma, muscular dystrophy, and a wide range of diseases (including mental) that caused the two of you always receive special treatment at hospitals, and even in the mainstream media. But all in all there was not one big lie, one that was only discovered when Dee Dee was found dead, stabbed to death in her own home. Next day, completely healthy, he orchestrated the crime, and the truth appeared to strike the around the world. In addition to the series, it was released a documentary on the whole case, so-called, Mama’s Dead and Dear to my heart.

“Good Night, Mom

In this film, in austria, is a mother of a newly operated on back home in the company of her twin sons. But the boys suspect that it is the mother, wrapped up in the multiple bands due to the operation of the aesthetic, starts to behave strangely. The brothers have been investigating what is really going on and why it is so, mother, before you are so kind and loving, you have changed so sharply. But “Good Night, Mom has some plot-twists, well-striking from the half-way to the front and back…

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Due to

Maybe the mother is the most terrifying of the classic movie this is. Norma Bates is a character that was, at the least, nerve-wracking – even for his “beloved” son, Norman. The famous horror Work and you can have as a scene of the most striking at the knife in the bathroom, but the revelation of what the Standard is capable of doing on the head of his son even in the afterlife, is really incredible! How to forget about your skeleton kept intact, the inside of the house is Going?

And, in addition to the film’s 1960’s, Due to it also has a television version, entitled Bates Motel. The series is a prequel to the events seen in the film, and it included names like Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga in the cast.

The Black Swan

This is a good example of the conflictive relationship between mother and child that focuses more on the psychological aspect of things. Nina (Natalie Portman) is now a grown-up, but her mother is overprotective Erica (Barbara Hershey) don’t let it get out hardly ever and I always charge with respect to the work. For a good part of the desire for him to be perfect in ballet comes from the mother, who was a famous dancer as well), which ends up resulting in many traumas in his life, both personally and professionally. Then, in the presence of such a relationship in the list, it makes a lot of sense as well.

Carrie, the Strange,

And speaking of mothers, superprotetoras… in This case, the mother of Carrie (Sissy Spacek), not only wants to protect his daughter from the world, but is also extremely religious. The young person suffers from abuse at home and bullying at school, the one that turns her into a girl, a pretty, fragile – that is until she discovers that it has telekinetic powers. The result of this combo, the explosive is not one of the most happy people.

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