The actress, most well-paid in TV, Jennifer Anniston gave him a lot of destruction before, from Friends · News on the TV


Actress Jennifer Aniston has come a long way in between her debut in the TV, and the millions of dollars they now receive for a single event. For 30 years, she has taken the first step into the world of the series in the sitcom Molloy (1990). It was the one part after the other, three attractions flopadas to fall into your lap on the itinerary-of-Friends (1994-2004). Then, it all changed.

In the role of Rachel Green in, Jennifer, who is now 51 years of age, he became famous for, picking up a successful film career following the end of the series wildly popular. Responsible for the success of the fame, they were pretty well picked for the drama The Morning Show with (Apple+ TV), for which he receives, to the tune of US$ 2 million (Us$ 11 million) for each episode. It is, along with the one of the series of Reese Witherspoon, the actress, the highest paid in the history of american TV.

Lie down on a mattress of dollars, and it is fun to look back and remember all the fiascoes that have accumulated on the beginning of this journey. There have been three it really bad, all cancelled without a pass from the first season has just come to the room in the episode).

Remember the little monkeys that Jennifer Aniston has paid out in three sitcoms before Friends:

Mayim Bialik, Jennifer Aniston, in the series Molloy


For a beginner in his career, Realizing that it was just a mere supporting role in the cast of Molloy, which had a star-child: Mayim Bialik. The girl was ordered at that time and he recorded the two pilots at the same time. Molloy, on the Fox network, was one of them. She played Courtney, a spoiled older half-sister of the main character, lived out by the Mayim.

The character of Jennifer, it was painfully funny, this teenage girl from a wealthy family totally detached from the world, to be concerned with themselves, and with their appearance, and able to give you a chilique for not being able to straighten your hair.

Courtney love was a stupid and shallow. On one occasion, he was glad that the father has purchased a car from Mercedes-Benz, so it’s not going to school on the bus. His scent is most preferred, in fact, it was in a big car brand.

The show was a flop, trembling, forcing Fox to pull it out of the air after only four episodes (a common practice up until the start of the year in 2010. Good for Mayim, and dedicated then to the other pilot that he had not committed, to Blossom ” (NBC, 1990-1995), but this is a comedy, the success is undeniable. Most recently, she was the nerdy Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019).


Jennifer Aniston does angry face and points a finger at the scene of the comedy, flopada Ferris Bueller’s

Ferris Bueller’s

One of the film’s teens the most worshiped of the american movie, ferris bueller’s day off (1986) is the winner of their version of television for the network, NBC in the season of 1990-1991. Not too much different from her first role, She has been the girl love life, as Jeannie, sister of the protagonist, Ferris Bueller’s (Charlie Schlatter) is called with the name of the character immortalized by Matthew Broderick in the long.

The father-of-Jeannie knew how to punish her for her antics. The punishment is? Not being able to go to school with your own car, a convertible. Jeannie took a little longer to work, so She, as a character, the more comprehensive, enjoyable and machiavellian than the Love of Molloy.

Ferris Bueller ” wasn’t all that bad, but the obstacles they had to overcome and prevailed. The burden of being based on a movie of the very popular, was, too, a shade created just for you. The other issue is the programming of the show that put him on the comedy after A Crazy on-Chip (1990-1996), to an audience that is totally different. Ferris Bueller’s afugentava about 4 million viewers of the show in every episode. The comedy has ended after 13 episodes.


Aimee Brooks caught up with Jennifer Aniston in the image of Muddling Through”; and then came the Friends

Muddling Through

Released in July of 1994, Muddling Through, he narrated the following story: the mother of Madeline (Jennifer) has grown to three years in prison for the fire on the butt of her husband. When she came back to the hotel (the hotel of the edge of the road and the family restaurant in a rural area of the State of Michigan, she was surprised to see that A married police officer who was arrested.

Has anyone in this series, and it was showing. But it is the Entertainment president of NBC at the time, Warren Littlefield, he was convinced that the play was going to be canceled sooner rather than later, and he gave to Jennifer on the script for the pilot of a new production: in the Friends. The actress made a test with a Muddling-Through is still up in the air.

Target has created an obstacle in the path of the process. Initially, she was cast to be a methodical, Monica Geller. And actress Courteney Cox, after a good performance in Seinfeld (1989-1998), it would be a fashion enthusiast Rachel Green.

It turned out that the roles have reversed and She was spoiled as it could not leave of being, a prefect fit in with your style. Muddling-Through ” went off the air on September 7 of that year. Friends ” debuted in 15 days.