The deafening roar of Anitta



The sound of Anitta is in the helicopter. Since it has become one of the biggest celebrities in the country, and everything that he has been in the news, even in the silence. After being criticized for avoiding discussions of major policy, and she has seen during the pandemic in with a chance to expand their horizons.

“Just because I’m so desperate and hopeless with the situation, I decided to talk about politics,” she said. “It’s to understand how we can make a difference.”

In addition to the music, Anitta is often in the news for any couple, because they wore a short, tight, or by a fight with some celebrity. In the last few days, however, made headlines by denying the will to compete, the Dawn, and advocating for artists, a temporary measure that could be detrimental to the industry. Also, he asked the lawyer, Gabriel Prioli on the government.

In the same way as if he didn’t say, Anitta, was attacked. One the one hand, by the fans, who believe that the politics don’t mix with the entertainment. The other one, with a new wing, more intellectualized, that’s called being ignorant when he said that the ministries we were a part of the Legal system.

“I have received messages from friends, celebrities, and studied me in thanking him because he did not have the slightest idea,” he said. “Anyone who criticizes us is living in a bubble and think that everyone in the world has the same access to information.”

A controversial question came from one of the lives that she’s been doing it again, this time with a commentator on CNN who rose to fame on “The Great Debate”. They were talking about national politics.

The goal, she says, is to have these discussions with the young people, who are generally not interested in politics. “I always speak in a language difficult to confuse your head and you don’t even want to know,” he said. “And the less people know, the less we’re going to be able to question all the decisions for them.”

“I’m shitting it for these people who are critical of it, I’m doing what I think is important. The best way to do that, and I’ll show you that also, I don’t know. To make fun of those who don’t know, it causes people to hide, don’t want to know.”

Anitta has also done live, in order to question the congressman, Felipe Carreras, on an interim order which provides for the exemption from the payment of copyrights to the government. After the exposure for the 46.8 million following her on Instagram, and he stepped back.

This week, the singer has also promoted the awareness of the other’s environment. She had to live with the other, congressman Alessandro Molon, in this case, to increase the pressure against the measure, called the MP’s grab, which makes it easier for the regularization of land tenure in the country, and has the support of the bench, period. She got to celebrate on Instagram for a postponement of the vote on the measure in the house of Representatives.

To live with Molon, and she said that the debate was “an independent country”. “I’m beginning to understand now that it is the right and the left, who are in the party. So, I’m not here to promote anyone. I want people, especially my generation, will feel an interest in the policy and understand it in an easy way.”

Anitta says that, after the broadcast, it was blocked by members of parliament, who came to the lock of the feedback on social networks so as not to be attacked. In some ways, the work of the artist, it has been the practice, due to their political education, she says, is no.

“I didn’t know anything, anything at all. If you learned it in school, and I don’t remember it. I have spent a great deal very quickly.”

Anitta was educated in the public school, and it took a few hours to go to a house in Honório Gurgel), where it was built in the north zone of rio to the Tijuca district, where he was studying. It was because of this that his only memory is connected to the policy.

That’s why, when I was about 15 years old, he took part in the demonstrations that shut down the streets, against the court’s free transport for the students. “I came in to the contest, it was a very good school. I don’t have the money to pay for the pipes. Without this card, you wouldn’t be able to get to school.”

Her father politics and became Gabriel Prioli. They met each other for the sake of the husband of a lawyer, a DJ, Thiago Mansur, of the electronic duo JetLag.

“She went to the dressing room, and I loved the guy,” says Anitta. From then on, they travel together, they talk through the phone and they go to the house of one to the other. “She was the one who taught me everything, until I decide to position myself.”

When Prioli made his debut in the TV, it was Anitta who had helped her. “I gave my advice to her, because she was very shy,” says the singer. “When you’re embarrassed, pretends to be someone else. I pretend that I am a Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Rihanna. After the first programme, she said ‘arrasei, I pretended that I was in the Anitta’.” Next week, they will discuss fascism and communism and a chat.

Meanwhile, Anitta, touches on a different subject, in a quarantine, not only in his Instagram, where he is also known to be “bad, in a bikini, dancing and talking rubbish,” but on the television. She is the star of “Anitta Inside the House,” which debuts right now in the post-mortem takes place.

Produced and recorded at a distance, the programme is now being done on the floor of the house of the singer and the TV station even hired a friend of hers, who is with the Anitta – to help you out. Anitta is going to answer questions while running on a treadmill, playing around on how to dress, blocking, singing and dancing, in addition to cooking.

It’s more of a way to keep it relevant, since it has never been so hard to have a hit song and dance in the current conditions – no parties, clubs, and concerts. Those who will not be able to engage with their audience in different ways, says Anitta, you will have difficulties to survive as an artist.

“We need to have entertainment, take one,” she said. “It’s important to catch up on the news, but if we’re just looking at this, you’ll be disappointed. I was loving to stand back and do nothing. But I do think that the people that are in need of something to relax to, zone out to the upside.