The Double animal print? Kim Kardashian teaches you the way to get to wear – Vogue


Kim Kardashian (Photo: Backgrid)

Kim Kardashian (Photo: Backgrid)

The color pattern of the animal it can be a pattern that immediately evokes the souls, the more maximizing. However, this is not the norm.

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So if you want to flirt with the animal print, but don’t want to give up to look a lot more clean, Kim Kardashian it has a tip: “invest in the parts of the design, and hair good on dry ground. The socialite and business woman was photographed yesterday (23.10) in Los Angeles, california, on the edge of a look at his face: justíssimo of the body, and on top of that how a midi skirt can indeed be sexy.

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The blending of the pattern from the the snake from the top of the sandals print the home of the strips into very thin, she is left with the accessories that are contained in a pair of the earrings are gold plated and make-up, all the shades are neutral, with all the hair stuck. What is the result? A tour expert in the tendency of some animals. To be inspired by it!

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