The iconic Cheesy Bites comes to Delivery service of Pizza Hut


Nfor the year, Pizza Hut will celebrate 30 years in the Uk, the popular and much loved Cheesy Bites are not only available in the restaurants of the brand, as well as for home delivery.

Now, you can order a pizza that you have what it truly means to share it, then the Cheesy Bites Pizza. The onlydistinguished by its raised edge self-sufficient, and tasty made up out of ‘bites’ of pasta filled with cheese, that are independent of the centre, composed of the ingredients as you like.

Try it with the delicious, Cheesy Bites, and then prepare yourself for a real moment of pleasure with cheese, lots of cheese!

The news minute-by-MinuteCheesy Bites© Pizza Hut

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