The International day of the Animals: Learn about the curious names of the pets of celebrities – and More


Kim Kardashian and Kesha with their pets.

Kim Kardashian and Kesha with their pets. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian/iiswhoiis

This Friday, the 4th, is entered into by the The International day of the Animals. In Brazil, this day also reminds us of a saint of the catholic church, is considered to be the protector of the animals: St. Francis of Assisi.

Many of the guardians of the the animals they inspired us to name the most unusual to be baptized in their presidents-elect training seminar. And this is how the world of the stars.

Kim Kardashianfor example, you have a little dog called Sushi.

She has also published on the social network, which picked up two more dogs for called, Sake, and Soba.

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only personality that has been inspired by food in order to baptize her presidents-elect training seminar. The actor Adam Sandler put the name of the Meatball (Meatball on your dog. Emmy Rossum he was baptized on the couch of the Peper (Pepper).

The actor Norman Reedus he decided to baptize the cat’s Eye in the Dark, or the Eye-in-the-Dark. And She put the name of the Slot. Fluffy Pants (Mr. Pants, and Fluffy), and to express all of the cuteness in her pussy.

Other folks have decided to make a tribute to the characters of the series, the movies or the cartoons.

The singer Ariana Grande put the name of the Sirirus Black in one of their dogs. This is a reference to a character in the film In The Harry Potter Series. The dog is in the show Anne Hathaway if you call the story one of the characters in the series Star Wars: Clone Wars.

And Paris Hilton he was baptized in the little dog like Tinkerbell (tinker Bell).

Brazilian artists also paid a tribute to the characters of the stories, such as Reynaldo Gianechini, which is called the companheirinha of the Memorable.

Bruno Gagliasso put the name of the dog from Johny. In the video, the pet appears to lick the actor’s face.

Watch the video:

One of the many dogs of the Anitta is called the Chief. Where is the meeting schedule for the concerts of the singer and publish a picture of your pets to kill them.


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