The main lines of the ministerial meeting of the 22nd of April


The video of the meeting at the white house, made public by decision of the minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), mr. Celso de Mello, it is considered to be a key part of the research that you determine all the charges made by ex-judge Sergio Moro, of the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro has tried to interfere with the Police force of the Federal government. With threats, insults and foul language, the images, the chief Executive asking for changes in the government, and by bringing pressure to bear on the Moor and the rest of the workers.

At the meeting, which took place on the 22nd of April, jair bolsonaro said that I had already tried to change “us from the safety of our Rio de Janeiro”, and that it would not have been able to. “And then it was over. I’m not going to expect to fuck her, my family and I, than I, or friends of mine, because I can’t change anyone’s safety at the end of the line, which belongs to the structure of our own. Is going to change! If you are not able to change, to exchange, to the head of it. Can’t you swap the head on it? The exchange with the prime minister! And that’s final! We are not here to play”, said the president of the Republic.

Jair bolsonaro claimed that it was for your own safety, it is made by the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI), and not by the feds. According to the transcript made by the feds, the secretary of the GSI, Augusto Heleno, has not made any intervention at this time. The story of the National Journal, published last week, showed that the president has made changes to – and even promoted-servers – security staff-weeks prior to the meeting, with no difficulty at all.

I live, for his part, said that the meeting would be a proof of an attempt to jair bolsonaro interfere with the body. The former prime minister also made available to the researchers, the exchange of messages on the mobile phone

Jair bolsonaro fala in the arm the population in order to ‘stop the dictatorship’

The president, Jair, jair bolsonaro has said at the meeting that the idea of arming the population as a means to avoid for a while. “How do you start a dictatorship? Disarming the people…. For the greater good of the people? For your freedom,” he wrote.

In the video, jair bolsonaro, requires action from the minister for Defence, mr Fernando Azevedo e Silva, and the minister of Justice about it. I Live in. In the note, jair bolsonaro adds to the publication, that the words of a film “has” to swear””.

“So that’s why I want the minister of Justice and minister of Defence, and that the people to arms! What is the guarantee that it will not for a son-of-a-bitch appears to impose a dictatorship on here! It is easy to impose a dictatorship! Easy sign-up! A turd of a mayor is a turd of a statute, handcuff you, and let everyone in the house. If I were armed, I went to the street,” the president said in the video, The words, jair bolsonaro mentions, also, that, if he were a dictator, would want to disarm the population.

The president called the Doria’s ‘crap’, and Witzel, the ‘manure’

The critique of the social as a measure to combat the new coronavirus, with the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro has called on the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (A), for “dung,” and the head of the River, Wilson Witzel (PSC), for “livestock manure”.

“What these guys have done with the virus, and that you expect that the governor of São Paulo, this is dung from Rio de Janeiro, among others, it is just that,” said jair bolsonaro, during the cabinet meeting on the 22nd.

On Twitter, Doria spoke out against the tone of the ministerial meeting, and to the attacks of jair bolsonaro. “They are astonished at the level of the ministerial meeting,” he said. “A regrettable example is in the middle of the biggest crisis in health care in the nation’s history, and in front of thousands of people.”

Call it “manure”, by jair bolsonaro, Witzel responded, also in a message posted on the social networks. “The lack of respect for jair bolsonaro by the authorities amounted to the honor of all of you. I hope that in the near future, the people of brazil to understand that, in what he has called me to it, this is essentially what he himself sees.”

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Weintraub calls the ministers of the SUPREME court of the ‘floaters’ and suggests that their arrests

The Minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, said in a meeting of ministers, which is the subject of the investigation by the Federal Supreme Court (STF), which is the “ba” in Brasilia, they should be jailed, starting with those of the ministers of the Supreme Court.

“Brasilia is even worse than I could have hoped for. People lose the insight, the empathy, the respect of the people, can feel insurmountable,” he said. “I have, and for me, any of those bums are all in a chain, starting with the SUPREME court”.

He also was critical of the ex-ministers who left the government. “The ministers who came and went away, a lot of people with their own agenda. The game is played here, I didn’t come to play in the game. I’ve come to fight me and the iron. I’ve got a lot of the process by the ethics committee of the Presidency, and I’m the only one who drove the process,” he said.

Salles says, to take advantage of the pandemic and to go past the herd of cattle’

The minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, said in a cabinet meeting that it is necessary to take advantage of the “opportunity” that is for the federal government to capitalize on the growing pandemic of coronaviruses for “going with the herd and is moving the entire rule, and simplifying the rules”. According to Salles, the media coverage focused on the covid-19 would provide “some relief” for the implementation of the reforms infralegais of the rules, and simplification.

“You need to have an effort on our here as long as we are in this moment of calm in the aspect of the press coverage, because it is the talk of the covid, and pass a herd of cattle, and moving the entire rule, and for simplifying the rules,” he said. Salles ruled out the possibility of submitting proposals for the Conference.

In the newspaper “O Estado de S. Paulo,” Salles said: “I have Always advocated simplifying and streamlining the rules in all these areas, with a good sense of the best on the market. The tangled web of rules, misplaced hinder investment, job creation, and, therefore, the sustainable development of the united states.”

Damares-speech to ask for the arrest of the mayors of cities and governors

In his speech, the minister of Women, Family, and Human Rights, Damares Alves, has said that he would ask for the arrest of the mayors and governors who have taken action over the rigid insulation in order to contain the advance of the new coronavirus.

“The ministry has taken the initiative and we are we are asking for, including the arrest of some of the governors,” he said. “The greatest violation of human rights in the history of Brazil over the last thirty years, is going on at the moment, but we are taking action. The pandemic is going to go, but the governors and mayors of cities will respond to cases, and we are going to ask you based on the arrest of the governors and the mayors. And we ‘tamo’ up the tone, and speeches, as getting. The ministry is going to start to get to heavy with the governors and the mayors.”

‘Sell this shit’, says the Guide on Bank of Brazil

At the meeting, the minister of the Economy, the Paul Effort, has called for the privatization of the Banco do Brasil. According to him, although a liberal, Reuben Novaes, control of the institution, and the government can’t do anything there. “You have to sell that shit immediately,” she said. “What, it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Let each one of you to fuck them the way you want it. Especially if the guy is the greatest, get in and capture him.”

This is not the first time that the prime minister lashes out against the state-owned banks. In may of 2019 at the latest, he stated that the role of a bank was to pass on its surplus to the revenue for the fees, lower interest rates, and do not make a profit as a private institution.

The president of the fund, however, accuses the Band of the ‘beg for money’

In the video of the cabinet meeting, released by the SUPREME court, the president of the savings bank, and Pedro Guimaraes as saying that the Band is asking me for money.” That last sentence sounds flippant, and irresponsible, and must be accounted for.

The Band is proud to operate smoothly in your business area, and does not allow any of his employees to leave the line, and technique to the letter. We reject the implication false that the sentence contains.

The president of the fund issued a note stating that “during the meeting, I was under great excitement. For all you know, the time that we have had in the Box, and in particular, to accomplish the herculean task of taking on the emergency relief assistance of more than 50 million brazilians. And he goes on: “at no point In time I wanted to discredit the people and institutions, much less to suggest that any misconduct or illegal activities.”